65 Magnificent Tree Tunnels on Earth

Trees are known to be the most beautiful part of the world that gives shade and shelter to all living beings. They protect our environment by absorbing green house emission gases and produces oxygen for the survival of human beings. These magical tree tunnels are formed inadvertently

15 Incredible Wooden Sculptures

In this post, you will come across some beautifully carved wooden sculptures by internationally acclaimed artists and talented sculptors. These sculptures were carved by hollowing the edges and chipping away the wood to symbolize magnificent illusions from single blocks of pine woods, lime wood, linden, basswood and

25 Ultimate Music Icons for Your Inspiration

Today we have come up with an amazing collection of music icons for all those music lovers and designers who want to craft astonishing icons for their music oriented projects or clientele. These music icons may even help users to understand various features of tracks or playlists.

15 Amazing Optical Space Illusions for your Inspiration

Optical space illusions also called geometrical optical illusions depict measurable properties of length, position, orientation, size, depth, curvature of lines and horizontal or vertical anisotropy. These illusions can be demonstrated in a three dimensional view with x, y and z coordinates. They can even be illustrated in

30 Creative Apple Logo Designs for your Inspiration

In this post, you will find a great collection of some interesting Apple logo designs available over the web. Steve jobs had first coined the name Apple for his software company. Earlier, Apple was known as an appetizing fruit for healthy living of an individual. Whereas at

40 Exciting Panoramic Photography Examples

Here is an exciting collection of panoramic photography images for all those who wish to shoot dazzling panoramic images on their own. Panoramic images are designed by capturing images in 360° wide angle shots and attaching two or more images horizontally or vertically. The panoramas are known

30 Magnificent Light Painting Design Examples

Light painting image is the promising trend in the current market as it boasts of interesting colours and details. These paintings are designed to impress visitors and keep them mesmerized for longer time duration. Light paintings can be mostly found in photo sharing websites like Flickr etc.

65 Mind-Blowing Photo Manipulation Design Examples for your Inspiration

Photo manipulations are done to enhance the appearance of the images and make it visually appealing and convincing to the visitors’ eyes. Photo editors, photographers, graphic designers, visual artists, content designers and other professionals edit photos using computer software tools like Photoshop, GIMP etc. Images are modified,

15 Creative and Surprising Elevator Advertisements

Here we have come up with some surprising elevator advertisements to grab the visitor’s attention towards the products. Advertising agencies are coming up with new concepts to deliver the right message or concept and advertise the products of their clientele in an eye-catch way. It has become

40 Awesome Digital Paper Cutout Designs

Today, we will showcase mind-blowing digital paper cutout designs in this post. The cutout designs displayed here are far different from the conventional paper arts since it features props, animations, gradients, light and drop shadow effects, background colours, glows and flat elements. These cutouts can be prepared