Mobile App Landing Pages for Inspiration

Daily new business and entrepreneurs are mushrooming in. Unlike past years, today publicity has become cheap and relatively quite easy. As soon as you have an idea and have an initial plan, you can start your website and get its mobile version done to reach customers on

How Should Freelance Designers Learn New Skills

With the boom that the world of designing is witnessing, lot many creative minds are joining the queue of designers in the quest to make a mark. But then, do all those who become the part of the world of designing have the skills that will help

Creative Footer Examples for Inspiration

Generally, when you talk about a website development, the most important areas we talk about are design, landing pages, headers, content and so on but we almost forget or talk too little about footers. Of course, you must be thinking that why I am talking about Creative

Best Mac OS X Apps for Web Designers

Mac users and Mac developers/Designers work quite differently as compared to their Windows or Linux counterparts. Building a website on Mac OS X is an all-together different experience. Mac OS X is quite popular platform for web designers and those who work on Mac machines know how

Best Online Sites to Convert PSD to HTML

Picture speaks louder than words. We all know this adage and what better can be the example than the websites we come across daily. However, images are heavy and on the contrary, speed or fast download is the priority to attract and maintain web traffic on these

7 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

Contact form or a feedback form is the page through which visitors connect to the website or a Blog owner. There are several forms available in the market for the purpose; some are even multilingual to target larger and global audiences. It is important that the contact

6 Best jQuery UI Alternatives

Introduced in 2006, today jQuery grabs almost 80% of the 10,000 most visited website’s code base, for the client side scripting. It is an open source and cross platform JavaScript library that has established well since its inception. JQuery UI is again a JavaScript Library that is

Webydo Launches New Tiered Account Options

Webydo, the cloud-based professional web design platform, which has made quite an impact in its first year is launching a new set of pricing plans this week. The new tiered plans make provision for multiple sites with a single fee, multiple users on a single account and

10 Websites to Download Free Texture Patterns

Internet filled the gap of communication due to physical distances. Private or Public Websites all are considered as the first impression or the first introduction of the owner. The designers consider layout and design with content as the most important features take care of. Texture adds depth

Questions to Ask Before Taking Redesign Project

In the past decade, online communication broke all boundaries for information flow. Initially internet was used for educational, defence, other govt. related departments but gradually its ease, and approach lures many to use it for business and earn money. In any business, contacts, reachability, and readiness work