10 Best Tools to Create iOS Apps

I am a big Apple fan or maybe I can say Steve was my idol. I have always enjoyed his unique combination skills of technology and creativity. Hence when I decided to try my hands in iOS app development I thought to be as creative as I could be. I searched and explored online tools available that could help me in this project. Luckily, I zeroed down some, which were the most suitable for the work or result I was looking for. I really got fantastic results and hence sharing some of the best tools to create iOS apps so that you can leverage it as a beginning for your journey to iOS app creation.


  1. Sketch  – When I talk about iOS the first thing comes to my mind if the creativity involved, Sketch is a vector-based drawing tool which helps you to develop great apps in this constantly changing and challenging environment. Be it screen size or pixel density not you can always scale up or down with this tool.

  1. Git X – User Interface plays a crucial role when you consider an app by the user’s perspective. Git X is a strong GUI tool, which helps you to visualize git timelines. Use it when you need to stage hunks of changes into logical commits.

  1. Source Tree – Of course, I love coding and building my dreams into realities. I prefer GUI instead of command line and Source tree is a definite great tool.

  1. pngcrush – Most of the time people struggle with their PNG files. Pngcrush can be proved as a saviour. It can crush & un-crush PNG files and help in quick image viewing in the app store. When you see the local Apps list, and right click on any icon to Show in Finder, you will see a bunch of PNG files that can be viewed easily if you use this tool here. pngcrush will extract the full version so it can be opened with Preview.

  1. Charles – For me it is necessary tool if you are a developer. It acts as traffic monitor that acts as a proxy and allow you to watch your network traffic to & from the iPhone Simulator. Charles has self-signed SSL certificates, request & response breakpoints, and request/response viewers. It can be proved as an essential part of your tool basket.

  1. Appledoc – I love and I hate documentation. Yes, I hate it as it seems time consuming and I love it as it saves lot of time once it is done logically and smartly. Appledoc automatically generates documentation and you can extracts discussion to output using specially formatted code-comments. It is a lifesaver and generates official Docsets and HTML web sites.

  1. CocoaPods – Working alone is not feasible and there will be many third party dependencies. Cocoapods is the tool that helps you to integrate third party libraries into your application. It creates a second static library project and automatically links this with your projects.

  1. DCIntrospect – Err is human and so your development work will have bugs for sure. DCIntrospect is the debugging tool that helps in diagnosis and debugging of the application. It provides good debugging support that makes it one of the essential tools here.

  1. Helios – Most of the apps you see fetches information from servers or stores the filled information back to them. Hence, a strong backend service that is quick and synchronized is mandatory for any app developer. Helios is an open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps. It helps in data synchronization, push notifications, and passbook integration.

  1. App Annie – Building an app is in any case linked to money. Either you are creating an app to get some money or to utilize it in some business that will earn money for you. Hence, you would be interested to keep a watch on that money. App Annie is an online sales reporting tool. It keeps the reports up to date for you, taking much of your money management worries away.

This is my top 10 list. You know earlier I was thinking to share my top 7 but looking at the usability of the tools, I could not stop myself in adding three more. Now you have the initial list of best tools to create iOS apps, all you have to do is to put this extensive list to your best use. Development is an on-going process and I am sure with the help of these tools you are going to create your first masterpiece. Enjoy!


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