10 Tips to Design Killer Infographics

We have talked in detail about 11 Reasons Why your Infographics Suck with the aim to let all you graphic designers know what’s going wrong if your infographics are not turning out to be what they are expected to be. Also, it was a complete guide to mistakes that should be avoided at any cost which if not taken care of might make our infographic suck.

So, now we know what are the reasons what things contribute in making an infographic suck and make you feel bad about not taking care of certain things. Want to know what all it takes to come up with the infographics like hose listed in Ultimate Collection of Creative Infographics ? Well, you got to sit back and simply read on.

Today, I have decided to talk something positive! Here, I have listed down some really helpful tips and tricks that work in favor to let you come up with killer infograhics. Take a look!

To get the most from your infographic, you need to design it carefully keeping certain things in mind. Here are some tips to help you out when you’re creating an infographic.


 1. Generate Interest

First and the foremost tip is to come up with an intersting idea as to what your infographic will revolve around. Find the most interesting data and the facts you share should be as easy to understand. Try to dig up information that most people are curious about.

2. Show! Don’t Tell

This rule is important to follow if you wish to create an effective infographic. As you all know the foundation of any good infographic is data is providing information and imparting knowledge. You are responsible for turning the information or the data you have collected into a visually stimulating design to provide the information to the viewer. As an infographic designer, you should make sure that your infographic shows and doesn’t simply tell. It helps in generating curiosity making it easier for people to understand.

3. Don’t make the copy of excel charts

What I mean to say here is you don’t need to make a excel charts that might appear uninteresting. The main aim of creating infographics is imparting knowledge in a cool interesting way. Creating colorful pie charts, line graphs and bar graphs and thinking you are done with creating an infographic that people will love is wrong. If you ahve to add pic charts, bars or something like that do it in really interesting and engaging manner to generate the curiosity of the viewer to check it out till the end and understand it easily.

 4. Typography

The world of design is based on correct use of tools, techniques, typography and other things. If you are able to decide which is the right thing for your particular deign, it is sure to turn out to be success. Incase of infographics, typography plays and important role. Typography can make or break a design.

 5. Put The First Thing First

What I mean to say here is that organizing the data in correct manner is as important as other things. An infographic should be organized in such a way that it makes sense and keeps the viewer interest till the last bit. I agree that at times creating a visual story of the vast data can be a daunting task but then designers love facing challenges. Follow some rules to organize the data correctly and make things easier for the viewer to understand. In short your infographic should be able to tell a story in an interesting manner.

6. Focus On Color Selection

While designing an infographic, you should make sure you choose the right colors. Colors that are soothing to eyes and are not striking work in favor. Make sure that you choose the right color palette. Stick to the rule of three which means choosing three primary colors; one for background color and the other two to break up the sections.

7.  Understand the Importance of Data

Whenever you choose what you infographic will revolve around or what knowledge you will be imparting through your infographic the very next step should be researching the data and understanding it well. If you do’t understand the data how can you make your viewers understand. Research the data well, understand it well and note down what all points you would want to include (take the most important points) before you jump to the next level.

8. Think outside the box

There are innumerable infographics floating around the web. If you are putting in the hard work, why not create something that is unique, creative, imaginative, original and one that generates interest of the viewers? Think outside the box an come up with something that is really worth it.

9. Easily shareable

I am sure you all know what I mean to say when I talk about making your infographic sharable. The easier your infographic is to share, more and more people are likely to see it. Don’t miss out the social media buttons which if added to your infographic will make it easy for people to share it with their friends various social networking sites.

10. Keep It Simple

This rule works with almost every design. People usually hate complications. Complicated infographic will marr the whole purpose making it uninteresting for the viewer. Focus on single thought as much as possible!

Are you a graphic designer who has tried hands on infographics? If yes, what tips would you add to this list?


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