10 Websites to Download Free Texture Patterns

Internet filled the gap of communication due to physical distances. Private or Public Websites all are considered as the first impression or the first introduction of the owner. The designers consider layout and design with content as the most important features take care of. Texture adds depth to your design. Textures and patterns direct the attention of views to the important features on the website. There are a few ways to get textures. The first, simplest way is to search the Internet.

Textures can make a 2D design look like a 3D design. Apart from other design elements, texture and patterns are becoming quite popular. They have come a long way and designers today use mindboggling innovations along with textures already designed and make new ones. Let me introduce you to my top 10 websites to download free texture Patterns.

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At Ava7Patterns, beautiful patterns are available for free download. There are around 1,200 patterns, out of which you can select some as per your choice of color or shape and that too free. Wide range is the forte of this site.

Subtle Patterns

While I was looking free pattern downloads for my designs, I came across this site. Patterns are high quality and tillable textured patterns. Good variety and range is useful here.


I really liked this site due to ease of navigation through patterns. It has a gallery style thumbnail layout via which anyone can quickly view a large amount of patterns on one page at once. There is a filter using which you can narrow down your search by choosing particular color.

Background Labs

As the name suggests, this site provides several backgrounds for free download. There is one feature of keyword search, which I found very helpful. This “tag cloud search” feature helps you in searching background textures based on keywords.

The Variant

The Variant is a design hub where you can download patterns for use in designs. The patterns are grouped into useful categories such as Geometric and Striped so that you can swiftly find what you are looking for.

Pattern Cooler

If you are looking for seamless patterns then you are at right place. This site is excellent for getting the same. In addition, it is quite customized and you can change the color, you can rotate and resize the resolution of the available patterns. It also provides to save such customization for future references, in case you are an account holder.

Pattern Head

Here you will see a beautiful collection of vintage patterns. It is a blog style site and has mind-blowing graphic design patterns for you to be used free.

Seamless Textures

We talked about seamless patterns; here you will find seamless textures. These are of high quality textures, which can be repeated infinitely without showing any edges. There use is prominent in 3 D designs, graphic design, backgrounds of websites and wallpapers for desktops.

CG Textures

It is real hard work in selecting good textures and patterns. Textures selection needs that creative flair. The way options available are organized is good and you would love those hours, which could be wasted wandering on an average site.

Rainbow row graphic

Rainbow Row graphics is one such good site that provides nice patterns and tiles for web designers. It comprise of two main type of patterns, which are further divided into several logical groups.

Textures and pattern add life to the websites. Textures create interest and illusions. Common elements where textures are added to are Backgrounds, Photographs, Buttons, Menu bars, Logos etc. Subtle patterns are most widely used for background texture. It can be used at other places. Textures and pattern go and in hand, textures are more rough and organic. You will get lot of free stuff on internet but even searching and shortlisting good designs is itself a tedious job.

Not only those superb skills of creativity, vision is important when it comes to texture patterns. As discussed textures, patterns are integral design features used by web designers across the globe. It makes the website look more impactful but as you know with power, comes responsibility and hence web designers needs to take extra care while selecting some for the web designs. I am sure there are more free and paid sites where anyone can get more textures that are vibrant and patterns and other stuff. Keep exploring and keep innovating to create some unique pieces of creative work. Best wishes!


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