11 Reasons Why your Infographics Suck

Infographics you all know are ruling the web world. They are everywhere with new ones being launched every now and then. Graphic designers these days are creating cool knowledgeable infographics that ensure to convey the message or impart knowledge in visually appealing manner. Designing these is not as easy as it seems to be when you look at them. Designing an infographics to convey some message to the viewers or o make them understand a concept that too while keeping them engaged till the end is actually a hard nut to crack.

Recently we came up with an article that comprised of 25 best infographic designs-Ultimate Collection of Creative Infographics For Designers And Developers. Wondering what we have this time? Not more infographics as of now but something that will keep you thinking about the way you design an infographic.

You can well define infographics as a picture that tells a story; you don’t have to guess what message it is conveying instead read it out. You come across best infographicss doesn’t mean graphic designers don’t face failure or situation in which they feel bad about having created a bad design. There are many reasons which contribute in making an infographics a failure.


To create an infographics designers need to follow step-wise procedure like researching resourceful and correct data, start with choosing color, fonts and much more to create a strong visually appealing design. In the end if your infographics is an eye-candy and coveys message/impart the correct knowledge for which it was designed then  its a good design else something went wrong and you need to recheck.

Let’s sneak a peek at what will let you know that your infographic is really bad and you what all things you need to keep in mind next time you sit down to create an infographic.

Why your Infographics Suck

1. Your idea is complicated/complex

A successful infographic one that is simple clear and properly understandable. If your infographics is not conveying the message properly and is very complicated and not arranged in well easily understandable way then it is not a good infographics. The idea for which the infographics is being made should be very clear else it will not lead to desired end result.


2. Your infographic design doesn’t convey the proper message

While designing if you feel everything is becoming a mess and you are not able to make appropriate changes at the right time then you should start making the changes immediately. Your infographics design should be able to convey the message, impart knowledge.

3. Design is not appropriate

While designing an infographics various things need to be kept in mind. You should take care of what colors, fonts, icon, elements you are picking for your infographics design. If anyone of these is not used properly with extra care then the whole purpose of designing goes down the drain.

4.Data/Facts not correct

Before you actually start designing an infograhics you need to make proper research and collect the correct data. Small mistake in the data can marr the whole purpose of designing an infographics. Your hard-work and valuable time you had put in goes waste.  cross-checking is always advisable. if your infographic has even the minutest mistake in terms of data, the views are sure to get the bad impression.


5. Headline is not correct

No matter how good your infographic is if the header is incorrect or doesn’t tell what your viewers are about to read in your so expected visually appealing infographic what’s the point and why would they even want to read it till the end?

6. You didn’t hit the target audience

First step of designing an infographics might be data collection, research and all practically but back in your mind the first thing that you need to check or think as to who would be your target audience. If your infographics is not as per the target audience its entirely waste of time.


7. No proper organization and storyline

Organizing an infographic in a way that makes clear its aim what exactly is being told, putting the data in sequence to tell proper story line is very important feature.  A good infographic is one that has proper beginning, middle and end.

8. Long infographic

In today’s time when each one of us is complaining of shortage of time no body wants to read something that is too long so people are focusing more on small, to the point, concise stuff that imparts the complete knowledge. Same goes for infographics. If your infographic is too long you can get assured that it is not going to appeal

9. Tools not used properly

There are oodles of tools that are available for designers to create superb infographics. Proper use of tools at proper time and proper place is of utmost importance when it comes to designing an infographics. IF you have not made the proper use of tools it ensures that an infographics is not going to be visually appealing and won’t be successful in imparting the correct knowledge.

10. Your infographic is not original

If you created an infographics that is not original it is surely a bad infographics. Make sure whichever infographics you make is original and not copied else there is no point sparing so much time designing the same which someone has already made.


To wrap up, missing any important point while designing an infographics will ensure your design is not as good as you might have expected and you have created the mess. We have listed the points/signs that tell you that your infographics is bad and not up to the mark but in each point we have made sure to add a word of suggestion.

Follow the steps and learn the do’s and don’ts of infographics designing and then make the efforts. Taking important points into consideration before and while designing an infographics will definitely help!


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