11 Tools to Create Infographics

Infographics have gone long way and have seen immense growth in the recent years for these provide the information and impart knowledge to the users in fun and creative way. We all love infographics for miscellaneous good reasons of our own. Right? Ask me, and I would say graphic designers are people with ingenious mind. Each time I come across some unique and visually cool infographic I just keep wondering what makes these creative minds come up with such ideas to leave the viewers awe-struck with their designs.

Well, its not for the first time that we are coming  up with the topic that revolves around infocgraphics. From listing down the tips to design killer infographics to listing down 11 Reasons Why your Infographics Suck, we have talked in detail about what factors contribute in making the infographics meet the expectations of the viewers and what all are the negative factors that should be avoided to create stunning infographics.

Not only we have come up with the tips and tricks of designing the infographics but then I remember jotting down the Inspirational Showcase of Beautiful Interactive Infographics and Ultimate Collection of Creative Infographics For Designers And Developers.

Today, I will be listing down some useful tools that provide a helping hand by making your task of coming up with the killer infographics in hassle-free manner. Promising to ease your task these tools are available for free so that all you graphic designers don’t have to worry about how many holes these tools will make in your pockets.

From Wordlen to Tableau, Piktochart, there are eleven useful tools that to the best of our knowledge have helped lot many graphic designers in their various projects. Why not check them out and enjoy the ease they provide while creating visually cool infographics?

1. Wordle

Wordle is a tool that helps in generating word clouds from text that the user provides. The clouds give greater prominence to the words that appear more frequently in the source text. The images that are created with this cool tools are yours to use them the way you want.


2. Creately

This is one cool tool that helps users create well-designed infographics with the superb features it comes loaded with. You can easily create professional diagrams and flow charts and even collaborate with your colleagues too is just short span of time.



Easel. ly is an online tool that helps users create and share visual ideas. offers a dozen free templates. free web-based infographic tool offers you a dozen free templates to start you off that are easily customizable.


4. Google Public Data

The Google Public Data Explorer lets users make large data sets that are easy to explore, visualize and communicate.It fun to create infographichs with the help of this tool.


5. Vizualize

Vizualize is an infographic ‪resume‬ generator that lets you create your resume in a fun and super cool way. Users can visualise their resume in one click and also check out previous examples. Enabling people to express their professional accomplishments in a simple yet compelling personal visualisation, this is one great tool that deserved a mention in the list of cool tools that help in creating cool infographics.


6. Stat Planet

This is a tool that enables users to make graphics, maps and other charts that too without any fuss. Stat Planet directly accesses and visualizes all of the World Bank’s indicators which is a total of around 5000 indicators that are available through its Open Data initiative on many different topics from agriculture to science and technology.

7. Tableau

This is a free application that helps bring data to life. Users can create and share interactive charts and graphs, stunning maps, live dashboards and fun applications easily.

8. Hohli

Hohli is an online tool that enables users to create online charts with the help of pre-build chart type available on the sites. Pick one for yourself and add your own data, vary sizes as per your needs, change colors and you are done.


9. GapMinder

Gapminder is a free Adobe Air application that makes sure user puts in the current data to create stunning graphics. It doesn’t take the old data. Sounds good though.


10. is a cool tool that offers access to a wide variety of graphs, charts and maps besides letting you upload pictures and videos to create visually appealing infographics.


11. Piktochart

Design infographics the easy way. Piktochart helps you to create infographics, share and get results in just three easy steps. You don’t have to be master in designing.


Have you tried any of the tool previously. If yes, do let us know if these were able to deliver the ease they claim? Also, let us know if know about any such tool. Spare some time out of your schedule and drop in your comments. We would love to hear your say.

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