14 Best TheDesignBlitz Articles From 2013

We are making keen efforts to prepare the roundups that include best of the rest things we witnessed in the year gone by. Trying to make the list of inspiring, motivational  and useful stuff, we have carefully handpicked them all. The lists might have gone big but each of them included nothing but the best which we thought would prove helpful for all you designers and developers.

While brainstorming about which would be our next round up we thought why not come up with the best articles of our blog ‘TheDesignBlitz’ which according to us were the best ones. Obviously, we liked them all after all, it takes lot of time and effort to look for helpful, motivational stuff and prepare write-ups for our valuable readers.

It was quite difficult to make the pick of best articles to prepare this roundup but then as we had decided, we were firm to do it and here we are with the list of ‘Best of TheDesignBlitz Articles of the Year 2013’. Check them out for yourself!


14 Best TheDesignBlitz Articles From 2013

1. 25 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

Much appreciated by those who have that creative talent to make the work speak  by coming up with visually stunning designs, art works, pictures and much more, the WordPress portfolio themes is the in thing. This article was dedicated totally to the WordPress portfolio themes for designers, photographers and other creative geniuses.  It comprised of 25 best free WordPress portfolio themes worth checking out.


2. 50+ Best jQuery Plugins of August 2013

jQuery plugins help designers and developers around the world in handling various projects and completing some task which seem to be fussy without help. In this article we listed down more than 50 best jQuery plugins that were released in August 2013.


3. Latest Premium and Free Adobe Muse Templates

Surely, you all know by now  what Adobe Muse Templates are? These are some really well defined platform for photographers, artists, designers and other creative people to display their work and leave viewers wide mouth opened while checking out these master pieces. In this article we listed some 30 premium and free Adobe Muse Templates for all those who are looking for the right platform to display their artworks.


4. 15 Best Free Ghost Themes

Ghost is beautifully designed, easily customizable and open source CMS to let users write and publish your own blog in a user-friendly way. In this article we have listed 15 really cool Ghost themes that are available for free.


5. Latest 2013 Web Design Trends Every Business Should Follow

World Wide Web trends are never the same and keep changing with time. Months back we came up with the latest 2013 WebDesign trends that all businesses should follow. Soon, we will be coming up with the web trends that we can expect in the year 2014.


6. 28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates

Business cards you all know are an integral part of any business and simple cards that give monotonous feeling is thing of the past. These days, creative minds are working hard to present unique and visually stunning business card templates to come up with some really cool and imaginative business card designs.


7. 70+ Best Free Tumblr Themes

Its not just WordPress that is becoming the choice of millions, Tumblr too is becoming the integral part of web world. In this article we have listed down some really nice best free Tumblr themes that are genuinely worth trying out.


8. The Worst Trends in Modern Web Design

This was yet another article in which we talked in length about the trends of modern web design but not about the web design trends that should be followed instead worst web design trends that should be avoided at any cost.


9. Best Photoshop Tutorials of June 2013

 This article of ours was a helpful and visually stunning Photoshop tutorials of the month of June 2013. I personally loved it and our readers too loved checking out these Photoshop tutorials!


10. Photoshop Tutorial : How to Design a Retro Grunge Poster

This is a Photoshop tutorial which we came up with few months back. In it we explained how to make a retro grunge poster in just few simple easy-to-follow steps.


11. Wonderful Collection of Creative Wedding Invitation Card Designs

Wedding is one important event of our lives and we want it to be special. From cards, to venue, menu, wedding dress, jewellery we want everything to be just the best. In this article we listed down some really awesome wedding invitation card designs that are nothing less than magnificent. Not to forget the main motive of the article which was to inspire designers to the great extent and we hope we succeeded in doing so.   best-designing-developing-articles-2013

12. Why you should not Marry a Web Designer

One article which made me smile all the way while preparing it was this one. In this article I listed down some reasons why all you singles wouldn’t marry a web designer. As mentioned in the article, the intention was not to hurt anyones feelings. It was kind of breaking the monotony of coming up with serious work-related stuff.


13. Latest Business Card Design Trends of Year 2014

Just like web designs, business card design trends too keep changing with time. As the title reads this article was about business card design trends of the year 2014. We comprised a list of latest business card design trends of 2014 to motivate and inspire you all.


14. 50 Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins

Plugins, we all know is the name given to the helping hand which really talented developers are providing to designers and developers for various tasks. This article of ours comprised of 50 best Adobe Photoshop plugins that we found to be worth mentioning. Best of all, each one of these is available for free download.  best-designing-developing-articles-2013

This is the list which we have prepared of the best articles of TheDesignBlitz. Now, we want all our readers to share their viewpoint if we succeeded in making them happy with our articles and tell us which one did they find the best and why? Also, if you have liked any of our articles other than the ones listed above do let us know.

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