5 Things Every Coming Soon Page should Have

So, you are all set to kick off your online business! We welcome you to the club. Definitely you have bought the domain or still thinking about the name? Well, whatever the case may be the fact remains as to take steps further your amount of brainstorming, hard work and determination is expected to increase with each move. Have you ever thought of what would be the next step of buying the domain? It is no less time consuming job to build a website  several months before the complete website can go live. So, the smart idea is building a Coming Soon Page.

‘Coming Soon Page’ is one of the most important element of website launch. As they say, first impression is the last impression. It is highly suggestive to come up with a coming soon page till your website is finally live. Used with the clear aim to create hype and attract leads coming soon helps you get the existing user base.

Gone are the days when creating a coming soon page was a fussy affair. Today, it has become quite easy. All thanks to the coming soon themes and plugins. Coming Soon page is far better option than the leaving default message, its the smart way to collect email subscribers. Moreover, it helps people know in advance what’s coming their way. Also, it will help you go viral even before the final launch of your website.


5 Things Every Coming Soon Page should have

1. Newsletter sign up form

Putting the newsletter and mailing sign up form will help you build the existing user base in advance which will directly benefit you once your website is launched.


2. Social media profiles

It is a good idea to put the buttons and links of social media profiles on the coming soon page of your website. It will let people know about your website and expand your social network.


3. Recent tweets

Mentioning the recent tweets and comments about your website helps increase the viewership which would directly benefit you in the long run.


4. Updating development news

Putting the development news of your website with each passing phase is a definitely  a good idea. It would keep the viewers engaged and expecting your website launch to be a great one and worth waiting for.


5. Contact and Copyright notice

Putting the contact form and legal stuff like copyright notice would let your viewers believe in the authenticity of your website. It is not optional but necessary element of the coming soon page of any website.


To warp up setting up a Coming Soon page is a smart way to build reader base, get emails and gather readers’ interest. Make sure you are timely, social, stylish, and friendly in your approach while preparing the coming soon page as it will helping you in making your efforts worth it

With the hope that our article is of use to help you come up with a good interesting coming soon page here I wind up. Don’t forget to share your viewpoint.


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