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Reading the title can leave quite lot of you wondering as to how can 404 error pages be creative. Ask creative designers out there and they would say why not. Long back coming soon pages too were as simple as just conveying the message that a website is soon to be launched but then creative minds came up with the creative ideas of coming soon pages. Remember the compilation of creative coming soon pages?

Designers don’t just have the job of crating the designs to complete the assigned tasks/projects instead they are responsible for the look and feel, user experience and visuals of the designs. No matter how good you are in running a website there are times when your website goes down either due to some technical error. Besides, sometimes the websites ask to be maintained. How do viewers come to know that your website is facing some problem or will not be functional for a certain period of time.

Ofcourse we all know the answer which is 404 error pages but then is it mandatory to do it in a monotonous way? Not at all. Error 404 indicates the webpage user has requested couldn’t be found.It could be either because of bad linking or the user enters wrong URL. A website that has dynamic environment crashes sometimes and viewers at such situation get to see error 404 or simply Page not found leaving them wondering as to when will they be able to see the website live again.

Instead of having nothing on the 404 error page, designers thought of coming up with something creative, game or funny stuff.  These days there are innumerable 404 error pages that are so visually creative that the viewers don’t feel bad about not being able to see the content of the website for any kind of technical error.

Cutting the long story short, let us come to the interesting part of article. Yes, the list of such cool creative error pages. For the designers who wish to check out some of the really creative 404 error page designs for inspiration, here we have prepared a compilation that will solve the purpose . Take a look!

1. Good Dog Design

This one will appeal the dog lovers.

7452. Jack Rabbit

Cute Jack Rabbit 404 error page is worth checking out and using.


3. Gojee

I like it for the fact that it is cool and minimal. Not the one that will make your viewers feel bad about the error.


4. Titleist

As you all can see this is a website for golfers. The error page is quite interesting which shows there is some halt.


5. Focuslabllc

This is funny error page that will make your viewers smile instead of getting agitated.


 6. Mashable

Mashable you all know is a wonderful website which is quite informative and its 404 error page is quite creative.


7. Twurn

No words for this one. Its simply cute!


 8. The Many Faces of

This error page asks viewers to stay calm in simple way.


9. Hopper Magic

Simple yet minimal, this error page is worth using.


10. Welikesmall

Do I need to spare extra words to talk about the error page pinned below? It just indicates that things have been messed up.


11. Mail Chimp

Now this one is innovative and creative one. Salute to the imaginative mind who came u with this idea.


12. The Movie Nerd

The website is dedicated to movie reviews and all about movies and the error page is cool I must say.


13. Cent Resource

Funny error pages are so in and this one is an ideal design saying punch a moose.


14. Blue Daniel

This error page is like train compartments with the error and instructions written on them.


15. Dario Esteban Brozzi

This can a perfect one for coffee lovers.


16. Molome

Awww, cute one this is and I simply love it.


17. Great Smoky Hosting

Great Smoky Hosting has come up with this cool 404 error page.


18. Brandcrowd

Isn’t this hand drawn sketch type page cool?


19. Week Done

Weekdone’s error page with a clock and a face with moustache is nice.


20. Zurb

With good amount of information as to why there is an error in the page viewers are looking for this error page looks good.


21. Poshvine

The error page below is kind of practical one which shows that the plane has landed somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


22. Sporting Solutions

This is a website for sport lovers and makes the viewer calm down and don’t panic.


23.  Mint

Young crowd out there is sure to love this one. I pretty like it.


24. Centre Source

Cool though this one might look unusual to many of you but is definitely a source of inspiration.


25. Bell Strike 

Bell Strike folks have this cool error page designed which makes the viewers smile for a while and forget that this is an error page.


Now, each one of these creative error page design is just superb and I planned a compilation of 25 error pages but then  I just can’t resist sharing some more cool ones so, here is an added visual treat for you all. Take a look!

26. Masswerk


27. Housing


28. Audiko


29. Blackmoondev


30. Lockerz


31. Rawnet


32. Nokia Conversations


33. I Plan Websites


34. Fab


35. Dribble


36. Lego


37. Bluegg


38. Agens


38. Pizza Milano


39. Henrik Hedegaard 


40. Metro

5423241. Dot Silo


42. Red Bilby

0943. iFolderLinks


44. Bored Panda


45. Sticker Mule


46. Jamie Huskisson


47. Netico


48. Blogalization


49. Duoh


50. Robert Sherman


51. Apartment Home Living


Carefully handpicked for you all to check out as the source of inspiration, these creative 404 Error pages are just so cool.  Which one(s) did you like? I love them all but the ‘Bored Panda’ which says ‘404 page not found. I didn’t eat it, I swear’ is the cutest of all!