6 Tips for Graphic Designers To Stay Productive In Quiet Period

Freelancing might sound an easy job to those who go to office at the scheduled time and come back home after completing their hectic work hours. Undoubtedly, you are free to work within your own time schedule but, guys its not as easy as it sounds to be. The great hassle that comes in way of productive outcomes is the time management. I being a freelancer can tell you how difficult it is to manage the time while you are working from home. You actually get pulled apart between the your professional work and other tasks.

When you have a deadline to complete some project you certainly leave no stone unturned to complete the task on the given time but if you are not handling any project then you are sure to get bewildered as to how and what to do to make the optimum use of time and brush up your skills. Be it freelance writing or freelance web designing. Making the optimum use of time when you are not working on the projects assigned to you by your clients is quite a big task.

TheDesignBlitz‘ being a website dedicated to web designers covers the topics that are sure to help them the best possible way. Talking about freelance graphic designers, other than the obstacles they have to deal with one most important question that keeps hovering over their mind is as to what steps should be taken to make the optimum use of the time when actually they don’t feel any burden of completing their deadlines.

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Why keep looking for options to kill time be it logging in any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter or hanging out with friends? I am certainly not asking you guys to stop what all you like to do but what about making the optimum use of your spare time and brushing up your skills to become more and more efficient.

This is one ultimate goal of any freelance graphic designer and hence the course of this article of mine. Today, I have planned to share the designer productivity tips that will surely help the freelance graphic designers make optimum use of their spare time productively. Complete dedication,consistency and strong determination is the key without anyone of these it becomes very difficult to cope up.

1. Check your portfolio and update it

Each one of us finds it hard to take the time out while we are on some project to update our portfolio. This is the time! While you are not handling any project you can update your portfolio as in the freelancing profession you need to have an updated web portfolio. Your portfolio should have all the information regarding you past endeavors, latest projects you have been working on and all the relative information which you think your clients would be interested in before finally making up their mind to hire you.


2. How about starting a blog?

Well, if you think you have an art of writing down your views (regarding any topic) you can start a blog. Like you can start a blog in which you can share your skills with other people. You can go about writing tips and tricks related to web designing or something like amazing inspirational designs which you feel can genuinely inspire others.

There is no hard and fast rule to start a blog in the same niche, you can also write anything that fascinates you like travel, relationships or anything you can think of. Blogging can help you utilize your time in quite a productive way.


3. Practice, practice and practice

Pardon me for using the word ‘practice more than once. Actually, what I am trying to say by focusing on this particular word is that no matter how professional you think you are in your field, there is always room for improvement. I mean you can always learn more and more. Do a bit of brainstorming and think of the areas you lack in. I am sure, no matter how long we have been into the same profession, there are still lot many things we can learn to make improvements. What say? So, make sure you spare sometime out infact as much as you can to brush up your skills. this will definitely help you improve your productivity and efficiency.


4. Visual Identity

While you are not busy with some project you can surely take some time out for yourself to grow your business. In today’s tech world where internet rules one might doubt the importance of visual identity but trust me this works even today. You can’t underestimate the value of visual identity which can help you grow your business. Creating a visual identity includes stuff like creating a business card, letter pads, envelopes and other similar things that can help you spread the word around and expand your network thereby letting the customers know about your presence in the field of creativity.


5. Be your own master

In your spare time you can start your own project which would not ask you to work according to any kind of guidelines or time period. You can actually work at your own pace and let your creative mind come up with new ideas thereby implementing them. No time-boundation can help you enhance your designing skills helping you improve a great deal which directly will enhance your productivity and efficiency.


6. Reading does the trick

Reading might sound boring to the graphic designers who might underestimate its value but can help attaining more and more knowledge of new designing tools and other stuff that can help increase the efficiency. Reading can help you get the knowledge of new things that is introduced everyday in the designing world.


To wrap up, I always feel designing world has lot of scope and it can never make anyone feel monotonous as it lets the creative minds do their job efficiently. The only deal is that you don’t let your talent go waste. Brush up your skills in your spare time you never know how and when it might help you grow in your field.

These Tips And Tricks For Graphic Designers To Stay Productive are sure to help you all a great deal. Don’t let your spare time go waste instead make use of it and enhance your productivity.


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