7 Best Image Sliders jQuery Plugins

Images talk better than content as it has been scientifically proved that a pictorial representation registers a stronger impression on human brain. What we see is what we remember for long. Since the age when people started communication over internet, it has come a long way. Websites as we all know became the face or identity for your personal and professional work; rather websites are the first impression anyone can have on visitors. Web development gradually found its place among technology development and like any other area, here also the competition is tough.

Hence it is very important that your website either you are developing one or using it, has to be up to the mark to grab its slice of popularity. Speed is one of the main concern that you will take care apart from other visual and content-based areas. JQuery is currently the best JavaScript Library and is quite popular due to its fantastic features. It is fast and concise and helps in quick HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions. For a rapid web development if you are thinking to add some of the best Image Sliders jQuery Plugins then please, go ahead. Here, let me bring you some of the best that you can easily add to your blogs or websites.

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Simple multi-Item Slider

If your website is an ecommerce portal that offers several products then what can be better than the Simple multi-item slider. It will display your products in less space. It is easy to highlight multiple products at a time and easy and quick view will definitely attract visitors to have a detailed look of your products. Try here.

Jssor Responsive slider

How about a responsive slider? I recently tried this one and I am amazed by the work it can do for you. It is fully functional JQuery slider with responsive slider design. You get over 15 slider options, transition effects, touch support, image galleries and more. Some of its features like vertical, banner rotator and listing slider are good. Are you interested? Have a look here.

ThreeSixty Image Slider

In the age of seven dimensional objects, it becomes important to give your viewers a 360 degrees view of your offerings. ThreeSixty Image slider does that for you. It creates a 360- degree image of your product that is fully customizable with several options. It is impressive when we saw the 360-degree view of a product like car and that too from the angle of our choice. I am sure you would like to try it, look here.


I liked Adaptor when first used it. It offers two and three-dimensional transitions. WebKit + Mozilla browsers support three- dimensional effects. It is a lightweight slider and is highly customizable. Like you can customize its speed of the transitions, delay between each item auto-slideshow being on/off etc. Try yourself here.

JQuery Vertical News Slider

As the name suggests jQuery Vertical news Slider is a responsive jQuery slider is useful for news-based websites with slides automated on the left and images displayed on the right. Try here.

HTML5 Slideshow w/ Canvas & jQuery

For a travel website, a personal portal, or a classic view of your work as a photographer, you would need something like HTML5 Slideshow w/ Canvas & jQuery slider. When you have many beautiful images to highlight, it becomes important that you present them to the visitors of your site with ease and a slideshow helps you to do that. It brings several images together and presents all images without much work of the viewer. Try it here; I am sure you would love it too.

Linko JQuery Scroller

This WYSIWYG app helps you to create any kind of jQuery slider including images. It supports touch devices and has many readymade example to start with. There is no need to write any code, app does it on its own for you. Fantastic app when you want something with your exclusive personal touch. Start here.

Well, those were my top 10, which I use. Yes, I am exploring more and so you will but these seven can be proved as a starting point for you as a web developer. As now, you understand in order to present your images, videos or even contents in an attractive way in your website then the best solution is to implement a jQuery image and content slider to website. These best image sliders jQuery Plugins will not only help you save space in your blog in a fixed position but also create interest in your work by presenting them in unique ways. What are you waiting for? Just start using these to start a speedy and yet beautiful journey.

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