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The day you stop learning, you die. I believe in this inspirational statement and feel that if we keep our mind and hearts open to our surroundings, there is no chance that we do not learn anything, every moment. Quite like life skills, technology also keeps on advancing and we get several opportunities and needs to learn new skills. When I think of web-development after a mark-up language the second thing comes to my mind is a scripting language to work on server side as we have JavaScript.

Hence, it is important to grab JavaScript from root if you want a stint in web development. This post is dedicated to all my friends who are planning to learn JavaScript. This post will take you on a journey where you will be introduced to some of the top sites to learn JavaScript. I cannot wait more to tell you about these marvellous sites. So, let us begin, here are my 7 best sites to learn JavaScript.



We all know it is the undisputed winner when it comes to learning via interactions. It has an easy to use interface with some great course contents. Course is well structured and the tour of the site will not waste even a second of yours. Rather, from introduction page itself, you will smell some coding and you get the feel of effective online learning. There are panels; one directs you and makes you understand the coding and other allows you to test what you learn. You write the acceptable code and can run it to check for its correctness.


For some of us it is the best and most trusted site to learn any web skill including JavaScript. It’s try it editor will help you to test what you learn on the browser itself. It not only educates about JavaScript but also related technologies (HTML | CSS | JAVASCRIPT | JQUERY | XML | ASP.NET| PHP |SQL) and cross references of these linked skills is helpful. You get to learn so much at one place.

Code Avengers

When you look at Code Avengers, you will enjoy coding. There are only three skills available until today HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. It helps you to learn the JavaScript in effortless way. Content is structured very well and they understand the hard work that you will put in every lesson hence a mini game is what you get to play to ease out all of the stress.

Code School

Unlike code Avengers and Codecademy, Code School provides you some mind-blowing learning but with some cost. Intermediate level is free but hard level that will test your water is worth $25.


Sometimes reading plain text can be boring and in such cases, videos are the best help you get at Udacity. Videoed lectures with some mind-blowing quiz will take you another world of interactive learning. An online learning platform teaches a plethora of programming and web design skills. You get courses range from beginner to advanced levels. Not only this as soon as users finishes their course they also get rewards and badges.


It is like a garage where you get some unfinished or bad projects that you can always improve your skills. It is so much fun learning and testing everything with such a good content. It is one of my preferred site for learning JavaScript.


If you want to have some fun where multiple people can compete and learn at the same time then you must try Code Racer. It is multiplayer gaming opportunity once you want to polish your skills.

Whatever site you use to learn JavaScript, there are some points that you need to take care. You should understand what JavaScript can and cannot do. Try doing as much example and exercise as you can. The practice will help you ultimately to understand and master JavaScript. Sometimes reason to learn JavaScript decides which modules you should give more importance than others should. As it depends upon if, you want to learn JavaScript professionally or not.

To get the ultimate idea and further learning do create something. Work on some project and build something good to use JavaScript thoroughly. It will be a good idea if you can also learn some JavaScript library like JQuery, Dojo, prototype and more. Re-engineering is the key and hence it becomes even more important today where time is scarce.