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Is blogging of any help to freelance web designers? Well, this is one question that needs to be asked if you are a designer who is facing a creative block or who faces it often. Few days back we came up with two articles on enhancing the creative skills. One was related to must-read books to boost creativity-Useful Books for Designers to Boost Creativity and the other one was A Guide for Designers to Trigger their Creative Skills. We keep coming up with such articles to help designers boost their creative skills by whichever way possible. We anticipate our articles to be of  help for our readers.a

Today’s article revolves around creative designers who love reading some useful tips, do’s and don’t of designing field apart from showing their creative talents. Coming to the question that I came up with in the very beginning of this article. If somebody asks me should designers blog then certainly my answer would be a big yes. Of course there are many benefits blogging can bring to designers.

Why Freelance Designers Should Blog

Some of you might disagree with me for the fact that to let your creative juices flow you need not read or write. But then there are lot many reasons for which I firmly say that blogging definitely helps a lot. How? Read on.

8 Reasons Why Freelance Designers Should Blog

1. Communication skills

Communication is one important skill that freelance web designers should keep enhancing. We just can’t sit back in our rooms locked and expect people to know your talent. They say if you have something to sell you should know how to tell people that you are selling it which in professional words is known as marketing. Communication can be done through proposals, email, phone calls, and other sources.

Blogging is one great medium to communicate with the outer world making others well acquainted with your creative skills thereby enhancing your communication skills too that will directly help you in freelance web designing business.

why freelance designers should blog

2. Online appearance

Success in any field asks for communication and when it comes to online business like web designing you need to lay more focus on your online appearance. What’s the point creating amazing designs which no one knows about. Building strong professional network, having connections can lead to referrals and  spreading the word around. This is where blogging comes into play. Through blogging you get to meet people all around the world.

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3. Creative outlet

If as a freelancer you are looking for a creative outlet then blogging is the best option as it provides the opportunities to be more creative and let people know about your talent. Obviously, if you are a designer you would want to design your blog yourself and customise it your way. This would give the very first impression to the clients.

Apart from this, you can spell the magic with the articles like tutorials, posting your designs for inspiration and much more. Readers can any day comment on your articles and give you feedback that will help you improve and enhance your creative skills.

why freelance designers should blog

4. Another income source

If you are a designer that doesn’t mean that you can earn only through designing. You can any day supplement your income if you want to by investing your free time and efforts in something productive like blogging.

Designers can get benefitted through blogging in many ways and adding to the income is one good reason to blog. Why not? Before I miss out; selling ad spots, affiliate marketing, producing products like templates, themes, stock graphics, applications, and e-books can make it easier to fill in your pockets.

why freelance designers should blog

5. Branding tool

Blogging can be well used for branding. What I mean to say here is all you designers can best show your designs on your blog making it the part of your brand. Blog can help you increase your brand value by letting people know about your designing business.

why freelance designers should blog

6. Serves as a platform where you can post latest updates

If you are handling some project for clients you don’t get the option to make other people know about your creative talent. This can be well done through one of the most effective medium called blog. Whenever you create a new design, blog about it and let the world know about it.

why freelance designers should blog

7. Productivity

Blogging enhances productivity. Now the question arises as to how writing can help you in increasing your productivity in designing. The answer to this is that getting into blogging increases your know-how of designing as more and more people will read your blog drop in comments (some of them might be critical criticism) this will help you know where you went wrong and how you can improve and enhance your productivity.

Why Freelance Designers Should Blog

8. Break the monotony

No matter how interesting any work is at one point or the other you tend to get monotonous feeling by following the same routine, handling same kind of projects, using same tools over and over again for years. Blogging is one interesting trick that definitely works as its your personal space where you can share your ideas, viewpoints, designs, communicate with the outer world and much more. Does that sound boring? Definitely not!

Why Freelance Designers Should Blog

Blogging in short is a source that helps you get acquainted with the outside world.  In my concluding lines, I would like to suggest all you designers to open up a blog, design it yourself, update it on day to day basis, ask your readers/visitors to have their say, welcome critical criticism (believe me it works), communicate with people, share your designs and designs (on web) which you find quite interesting and worth sharing.

The list of options blogging gives and its benefits is endless. For now, I stop here and ask you readers out there as to what else do you think could have been added to the list of benefits of blogging. Designers and we at TheDesignBlitz would love to hear your say.