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Writer’s block is a word every writer is well aware of and has surely faced it. What term could be used for designers if they fall into such situation? Obviously, Designer’s block! Now the question arises what’s writer’s block or designer’s block? Many a times while handling a project a block comes and you fail to get the solution and I am sure you all will agree with me that it makes one extremely furious especially when there is a time crunch.

Well, rather than waiting for some miracle to happen so that some innovative idea pops up in your mind why not make some efforts that will help you to be more creative and combat designer’s block? See, its not always that you need to keep focusing on the problem sometimes you need to divert your mind and give your mind some rest. taking your mind off the project and thinking of something else, reading something that interests you, checking out inspirational stuff and other such things are sure to be of great help.


Listed below are few sure short tips that will help all you designers be more creative and give your best shot! So, if you are the one who is stuck in your creativity. Here, you can expect to get cure to unblock your imagination.

1. Staying positive is the key

Not just in case of designing or writing instead in life too it is the proven fact that positive attitude and good mood works favorably. Psychological research shows that positive mood helps boost creativity and gives way to imagination. If you feel short of ideas and fail to understand why things are not working the expected way then it is suggested not to fret instead divert your mind and get involved in something you like. Go out for a walk, talk with your friends or do anything you like. This is certainly going to help and when you resume your work you will be much more positive and innovative in creativity.


2. Get inspiration from other designers

The best way to be more creative and make your creative juices flow is to take inspiration from your fellow designers. In your spare time make sure to check out the works of your fellow designers which will give you inspiration thereby helping you get motivated enough to create amazing designs on your own. It is important to take out time for inspiration. If you do it on daily basis it is sure to help you a great deal.


3. Try new ways of doing things

The monotonous routine will make you dull and block your creativity. Change in the environment every now and then helps stimulate your mind and nurture creativity. If you rouse your senses, you will see the difference in the level of your creativity. Being systematic is good but becoming too extra systematic in the filed like designing is not a wise idea.

4. Don’t be over self-conscious

This is first and the foremost tip to be creative. You simply don’t have to be over self conscious. Just be the way you are, let your creative ideas just flow and make sure you always have a notepad and a pen handy to make sure you pen the ideas down as soon as they pop up in your mind.


5. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

See, there is no point putting too much pressure on your mind if some idea is not coming to your mind. Take it easy, it happens with every one. There comes a point where one feels stuck and falls short of ideas. Just relax your mind and try to be cool. Meditating can also help! Just rejuvenate your mind and come back to designing and you will be amazed with the results.


6. Network with designers

Working with great concentration and not wasting time is any day suggestive but that doesn’t mean you need to cut out from the social networks. Talk to your fellow designers, share ideas and ask for feedbacks. Critical criticism should be accepted in a positive manner. You shouldn’t feel bad when someone or in particular your fellow designers provide you with the feedback and suggestions as to how something can be done the other way round. You never know such critical comments might do wonders helping you show your creative skills the best possible way.


7. Don’t be over confident

By this I mean no matter how many years you have spent in the designing field, the fact remains that you should not have that ‘I know it all’ attitude. You should be open to learn from others. Your fellow designers may help you know something which you might not know. Each day new things are been introduced in the field of designing and there is always room for improvement. There is a saying learning starts with birth and ends with death. In short one learns throughout the life. Same goes for you in your professional sphere the only thing that matters is one should be open to learning.


8. Read Design-Related Blogs

Undeniably, reading is key to knowledge. No matter what field you are in the fact remains that reading helps a lot. I would suggest you to read as many deign related blogs as you can. Also, you can bookmark the ones you find useful and interesting and read them on day to day basis.

9. Join a design community

With the ever increasing trend of freelancing, it becomes a necessity to join a design community that keeps you updated with the latest thing in design world besides providing you feedback and critique.

How about checking out few cool design inspirational websites that are any day worth checking out and marking as bookmark?

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a cool website that has serves as the inspiration. It is one of the largest and most popular design and blogs that features inspirational showcases, comprehensive and well-written web design and web development articles on daily basis.



Coroflot is a website that promises to create better professional experiences for designers of all backgrounds all over the world. It is an ideal website for designers to take inspiration from.



Behance is a network for creative designers/artist to create portfolios and connect with other people in their filed. It offers plenty of inspirational work that is published on the site with the front page highlighting featured and popular works of creative geniuses.



Dribbble is a community of designers where web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots of their work. It is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design.



deviantART is a free portfolio-hosting web service where artists can post their artwork, called deviations. It is one of the largest specialized social networking sites for artists and designers.


These above listed tips and few of the best inspirational design websites are sure to trigger your creativity. Keep coming up with cool creative ideas without pressurising yourself. Calm mind can help you get more and more creative. That’s the trick!