25+ Amazing Matte Painting Pictures

Matte paintings are created to represent sets, scenes, environment, landscape or faraway locations. These are mostly designed to lessen the costs incurred in isolated shootings. The usage of Matte paintings can be found in movies, telly shows, prints and film industry. Users will have an in-depth sense after viewing the images and will be drawn to a compelling world.

To create Matte painting, you need to have a clear idea on colour compositions and exposure to light. Various techniques are deployed while creating Matte paintings such as 3D modelling, Photoshop, animation, digital painting and photo manipulation. Matte paintings are widely used to signify alien, enchanted and magical worlds.

In this article, you will find 25+ Amazing Matte Painting Pictures by talented and creative artists. Get inspired from this collection and start creating magnificent Matte paintings for movie and television scenes.

1. Waterfall Matte Painting

Waterfall Matte Painting

2. Lonliness Matte Painting

lonliness matte painting

3. Castle


4. Underwater Matte Painting

underwater matte painting

5. Sea Matte

sea matte

6. Haunted Castle

haunted castle

7. Matte Painting Experiment

matte painting experiment

8. Castle Matte

castle matte

9. Matte Painting Practice

matte painting practice

10. Caribbean


11. Matte Painting

matte painting

12. The Messengers Matte 1

the messengers matte 1

13. Church


14. Matte Painting 5

matte painting 5

15. Fantasy Matte Painting Snow

fantasy matte painting snow

16. Matte Paintings

matte paintings

17. Lost among the ruins

lost among the ruins

18. Fantasy Matte Paintings

fantasy matte painting

19. City Matte

city matte

20. Matte Painting 4

matte painting 4

21. Matte Painting Our Future

matte painting our future

22. Matte painting Jungle city

matte painting jungle city

23. R.U.S.E  Matte painting 04

R.U.S.E mattepainting 04

24. Matte Painting Piece

matte painting piece

25. Dark, Bitter, Cold Matte

dark bitter cold matte

26. Lonely Beach

lonely beach

27. Matte


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