20 Amusing and Comical Print Ads for Your Inspiration

In this post, you will find some humorous and funny print ads that visually appeal visitors and makes them laugh.

You can notice print ads everywhere, for instance, in news papers, flyers, magazines and other promoting materials. As you all know that funny ads and commercials with impressive messages go viral in the advertising arena. To make the brand successful and sell products, intellectual designers with witty ideas need to engage audience and create a strong impact in the visitors mind to make it unforgettable.

Check out these 20 Amusing and Comical Print Ads that can inspire you to think out of the box for your next ad print project.

1. Pringles Hot & Spicy

pringles hot & spicy

2. Nikol Baking Dish

nikol baking dish3. Bajaj Room Heater

bajaj room heater4. Chupa Chups Sugar Free

chupa chups sugar free5. Utopolis

utopolis6. Sharp From WMF Knives

sharp from WMF knives7. Lemon Twist

lemon twist8. Softlan Ultra

softlan ultra9. Heinz Hot Ketchup

heinz hot ketchup10. Zoom From Olympus

zoom from olympus11. Evian

evian12. Glassex Window Cleaner

glassex window cleaner13. Nutri Balance

nutri balance14. Seafood International Market and Restaurant

seafood international  market and restaurant15. Anti-Smoking

anti smoking16. Eurostar: The Barber

eurostar the barber17. Kayaking Jumbo Peanut

kayaking jumbo peanut18. Fedex

fedex19. Tolnaftate Cream

tolnaftate cream20. Timotei Styling Mousse

timotei styling mousse

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