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Best Stock Photography Websites for Designers

Creativity has not boundaries. People indulged in various professions do cater their hobby of photography. Some partly and some completely much like professionals. Stock photography has become quite popular. Stock photography is supply of photographs that are mostly licenced photographs for specific purposes. It fulfils the needs

Creative Business Card Designs for Inspiration

With booming internet and so many possibilities around, business and start-up are spreading like mushrooms. No matter your business is small or big, one thing you will surely face is competition. You do not get second chances today when it comes to impressing your clients in first

Creative Real Estate Websites for Inspiration

There is a big industry out there, which we know as Real estate. Millions of rupees, even more are invested in this sector. It is one of the most expensive, most attractive, most profitable and one of the most risky domain for business. For such a big

Creative Mobile UI Concepts for Inspiration

There was a time when nobody knew what a “mobile” is? Life was running smooth, is it not? Everything was fine even without this gadgets flashing in our hands. We could do everything we knew and our daily routines were going smoothly. From heavy almost immobile communication

How to use Pinterest for your Design Business

Creative people tend to notice beauty around the world and share it with open hearts. Hence, it is obvious that with technology development, we find out and use sophisticated ways for this gesture of sharing. If you are in design business, I believe your nerve for creativity

Fresh Logo Designs for Inspiration

A logo is the graphical representation or the symbol that describes its company’s vision. It also has a logotype (an arranged typeface) that builds a trademark or commercial brand. Logo provides an immediate recognition with the help of its shape, color, font, and image in the market

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Photoshop Tutorials

When we talk about a professional design software then Photoshop is the name that is popping up in our minds from last two decades. The excellent tools it contains and their updates have made it the king in the market. It is a great tool or rather

7 Best Image Sliders jQuery Plugins

Images talk better than content as it has been scientifically proved that a pictorial representation registers a stronger impression on human brain. What we see is what we remember for long. Since the age when people started communication over internet, it has come a long way. Websites

Web Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

If you are a web designer, you must already be there on pin interest and if you are aspiring one then it is necessary for you. It does not matter who you are, you like design books, you are typography nut or you simply want to archive

7 Excellent Sites to Learn JavaScript

The day you stop learning, you die. I believe in this inspirational statement and feel that if we keep our mind and hearts open to our surroundings, there is no chance that we do not learn anything, every moment. Quite like life skills, technology also keeps on