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As the name suggests, finger painting is purely painting of the images using fingers and doesn’t require any kind of paint brushes or tools.

You can dip your fingers in the paint box or finger paint pots and start painting landscapes by blending different colours. Finger painting can also be done using latex gloves, chalks and hands to visually attract visitors.

Now, check out this vibrant collection of 25 Awe Inspiring Finger Painting Images.

1. Finger Painting the Sea

finger painting the sea

2. Lazy TL Ranch

lazy TL ranch

3. Finger Paint by Blonde-Gypsy

finger paint by blonde gypsy

4. Hatter Finger Painting

hatter finger painting

 5. Colleen


 6. The Discussion

the discussion

7. Finger Painting- Moonlight and Andantino

finger painting moonlightand and antino

8. My Thai Floating Market

my thai floating market

9. Finger Painting- A Cup of Cocoa

finger painting-a cup of cocoa

10. Finger Painting—Landscape

finger painting-landscape

 11. Round Two

round two

 12. Children


 13. Greenland


14. La Ragazza Con L’orecchino Di Perla

la ragazza con l'orecchino di perla

 15. Becca’s Bug

becca's bug

 16. Children by Ben Timney

children by ben timney

 17. Finger Painted Clowds

finger painted clowds

 18. Fantasy Concept Art

fantasy concept art

 19. The Home Place

the home place

 20. Wild Man

wild man

 21. Finger Painting by Ptcrow

finger painting by ptcrow

22. My Pixelated Period

my pixelated period

 23. Pandora’s Paradigm

pandora's paradigm

 24. Puddle Reflections

puddle reflections

 25. Finger Painting by Brani-Chan

finger painting by brani chan