Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

Remember the article  Why you should not Marry a Web Designer which we came up with a few days back? Wasn’t it fun reading the article? Well, I have not come up with similar stuff today instead something opposite. As the title reads, this article is about best Christmas gifts for designers and developers. If you are the one who enjoyed and agreed with the points I listed in the above mentioned article and have a lie partner who is a designer then you will enjoy checking out this article.

Not just for your life partners, if you have a friend, sibling or anybody who is a designers and a who means so much to you that you are running here and there to look for apt gifts this Christmas then we hope this article would help you come out of the dilemma.

We have listed down few appropriate Christmas gifts for designers and developers which they will genuinely love. Check out our list of best awesome gifts for designers this Christmas. Also, I would love to mention the similar articles that we came up with for this festive season in case you missed them.


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Let me begin with the list of best Christmas gifts for designers and developers without any further adieu.

Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

1. Day-ruining Invoices

These notepads from Jessica Hische feature a form to help the web designers.


Price: $25

2. Pantone Formula Guide

This is one of the best gift you can give to any designer especially those who do not carry their laptops everywhere.


Price: $105.00

3. The Web Designer’s Idea Book

The Web Designer’s Idea Book could be a nice gift for a designer who is much into reading.


Price: $20. 80 

4. Mobile WebDesigner’s Idea Book

Quick inspiration from mobile designers! Featuring more than 700 examples, this book is packed with visual inspiration for creating cool mobile web designs.Isn’t it the best pick when it comes to buying a gift for a designer friend this Christmas.


Price: $20.06

5. Photoshop Fridge Magnet Kit

This is a photo editing software that you will love. These magnets are best way to stick pictures to the fridge or to any other metal surface.


Price: $12.90

6. Icon Notebook

Here is a pack of 3 Icon notebooks that serve as the digital inspiration for your real notes. Icon Notebook is perfect gift for designers.


Price: $28.12 USD

7. Pixel Ruler

PIxel Ruler is an ultimate tool for responsive screen size sketching. Its heavy-duty gauge stainless steel ruler with pixel increments.


Price: $29.00 USD

8. Typodarium 2014

Typodarium is a daily calendar that provides a showcase of 365 different fonts. Ideal pick for the typography lover, this 2014 version features a rich blue and some wonderful fonts.


Price: £13.91

9. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

This book gives users an insight into making designs that are intuitive to make it as user-friendly as it can be.


 Price: $30.02

10. Font Me Typography Coffee Mug

This typography and font themes coffee mug is ideal buy for designers. You can serve hot coffee in it this Christmas and give a pleasant surprise.


Price: $25.95

11. Designer Tshirts

‘The Unrefinery’ offers cool t-shirts for webholics. Make your pick from the cool range of tees available and gift the one to your designer friend, husband or anyone you are looking the gift for.


Price: Starting from $20

12. Website Stencil Kit

Precision cut Website Stencil Kit is useful while brainstorming website and application design ideas.


Price: $29 USD

13. CafePress Photoshop Geek Dark T-Shirt

Simple yet cool, this stylish Photoshop Geek Dark T-Shirt is ideal for designers who will love adorning it.


Price: Starting from $24

14. Creative Sleep Pillows

From Stuffography, these creative Adobe Pillows are simply superb gift idea for designers.


Price: $19

15. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design gives web designers an insight into making amazing designs and respond to your users’ needs. In it Ethan Marcotte explores CSS techniques and design principles including fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries, demonstrating how you can deliver a quality experience to your users.


Price: $18 & $9 for ebook

16. Samsung S4 Photoshop Case

If your designer friend owns a Samsung S4, then this case would be an ideal gift.


Price : Starts from $12.88

17. 50 Shades of Grey Poster

Here is a 50 shades of GREY Poster for designers to pick right shade of grey for various projects.


Price: £9.99

18. Browser Sketch Pad

Browser Sketch Pad is a handy graph paper with browser chrome on top to sketch out your UI and website ideas.


Price: $14.00 USD

19. Keyboard Coaster

This is a simple and modern set of coasters which any designer would love to see on the work table.


Price: $24.00

20. MOMA MUJI 36 Colored Pencils

It is perfect gift for designers and can be used while brainstorming about a particular app or website design.


 Price: $26.99

This is all for my list of best Christmas gifts for designers I could share with you all. Which one is your favorite out of these? Do you have any suggestion which you would like to give to the ones who are looking for best gift for their designer friends? Let us know.


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