40 Awesome Digital Paper Cutout Designs

Today, we will showcase mind-blowing digital paper cutout designs in this post. The cutout designs displayed here are far different from the conventional paper arts since it features props, animations, gradients, light and drop shadow effects, background colours, glows and flat elements. These cutouts can be prepared with the help of fabric, cards, papers, snaps and so on.

Take a look at this collection of 40 Awesome Digital Paper Cutout Designs and craft your own illuminated cutouts of different shapes in an interesting manner.

1. Chimera


2. The Lady Honoria

the lady honoria

 3. Vampyr


 4. A Candle and a Clue

a candle and a clue

5. The Gump

the gump

6. Rats with Wings

rats with wings

7. The Bat

the bat

8. Laputa


9. Shelly


10. The Chamberlain

the chamberlain

11. Gromit vs Feathers McGraw

gromit vs feathers mcgraw

12. Marcelene, The Vampire Queen

marcelene the vampire queen

13. Captain O’Hare

captain o'hare

14. The Dutchman

the dutchman

15. Arya Dreams of Red Fields and Battle

arya dreams of red fields and battle

16. Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas

17. Shrew


18. Skye


19. Ed & Ein

ed & ein20. Flora


21. The Cat

the cat

22. Look Mr. Bubbles

look mr. bubbles

23. Come Play with us Danny

come play with us danny

24. Master Splinter

master splinter

25. Harley Quinn

harley quinn

26. The Knife Storm

the knife storm

27. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Ball

you're gonna need a bigger ball

28. El-Ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle

el ahrairah and the black rabbit of inle

29. Night on Mouse Mountain

night on mouse mountain

30. Jerboa


31. The Elk Lodge

the elk lodge

32. Today’s Secret Word

today's secret word

33. Rocko’s Bad Day

rocko's bad day

34. I Would But I Need the Eggs

i would but i need the eggs

35. Kermit the Frog

kermit the frog

36. Fringe


37. We Named the Mongoose Indiana

we named the mongoose indiana

38. There and Back Again

there and back again

39. A Pangolin in Chozo Armor

a pangolin in chozo armor

 40. The Glade

the glade


  • […] Today, we will showcase mind-blowing digital paper cutout designs in this post.  […]

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