50+ Beautiful Examples of Traditional Paintings for Your Inspiration

In this post, we have come up with some overwhelming traditional paintings that swank conventional artwork and creativity skills. Earlier, artists had to pre-plan the paintings that they wanted to sketch out in a traditional manner without any use of erasers or Photoshop tool.

Designers and artists will definitely get motivated after having a look at this wonderful handpicked collection of traditional paintings with the right amount of lighting, colours and compositions used in it.

Check out this collection of 50+ Beautiful Examples of Traditional Paintings that can inspire you in the long run.

1. Iranian Painting

iranian painting2. Freshness of Cold

freshness of cold3. Rainbow

rainbow4. The Way of Grace

the way of grace5. Misty Pink

misty pink6. Pandora

pandora7. Down Pour

down pour8. Street Diary

street diary9. Peruvian Market

peruvian market10. Praha

praha11. Street in Tallinn

street in tallinn12. Autumn Lake

autumn lake13. Matt Haber Recent Work

matt haber recent work14. The Master and the Line

the master and the line15. Memories Smell Like Flowers

memories smell like flowers16. Round Them Up

round them up17. Breezy Days

breezy days18. Care

care19. Unexpected Company

unexpected company20. Minke

minke21. A Study On Colour

a study on colour22. Autumn Shade

autumn shade23. Signs of a Trawlerman

signs of a trawlerman24. Voices

voices25. Back to School

back to school26. Magnolia


27. 125


28. Royal Sundaram Home

royal sundaram home

29. Winter in the Country

winter in the country

30. 73


31. Little Girl

little girl32. Sun in the Forest

sun in the forest33. Spring 3

spring 334. That Summer

that summer35. Port Vell in Barcelona

port vell in barcelona36. Summer Evening in Amalfi

summer evening in amalfi37. Autumn Afternoon in Bojenc

autumn afternoon in bojenci38. Critters


39. Comission Winter

comission winter

40. Traditional Markets

traditional markets

41. The Ritual

the ritual

42. How to Train your Undead Dragon

how to train your undead dragon

43. Heathen Tale

heathen tale

44. Be Mine

be mine

45. Everything’s got its Price

everything's got its price

46. Kindred Spirits

kindred spirits

47. Via Nocturna

via nocturna

48. iPhoenix


49. Frayed

frayed50. Serenity

serenity51. Feline X-Change

feline X change

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