28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates

Business cards are an integral part of any business. These days, business cards not only provide your contact details instead these speak out loud about your uniqueness and style. Infact, business cards lay the very first impression of your business. So, it becomes quite necessary to select the best one for your business.

My previous business card had the information that was bit too old; it did not include my new number, website and much more. Each time I had to pen down my contact number and email id before giving the visiting card made me feel bad about procrastinating the idea of getting the new business card. So, I started my search to get a new card for my business.

Believe me, its one time consuming job to search for good free psd business card templates and selecting one. I have been doing it for quite a few days yet I am not able to select one for my business. But in the journey of searching smart designer business cards, I got an idea of posting an article dedicated to business card designs.

I decided to select the best free psd business cards and jot them down at one place for the ones who too are looking for smart designer cards but are unable to spare out extra time. The theme I have selected for this article of business card designs is black and white!


Not too much but spending few minutes is simply worth it as I am sure you would never want your business card to see the trash bin by your clients instead leave an everlasting impression so much so that they would always keep your business card.  With the hope that you will enjoy the cool collection of best free black and white psd business card design templates pinned below I hereby begin with the first one. Take a look!

Best Free Black and White Business Card Templates

Letterpress Business Card


Business Card 3D Mock-Up (Psd)

Here is a free psd business card mockup template in a light version and a dark version. This psd business card is sketched with a 3d software, traced and created with photoshop layers.


Free Programmer Business Card Template

You can get this cool programmer business card template for free if you tweet or +1 the article at designerhub. How cool does that sound!


Free Black Leather Card Template

This is a classy business card design template that is an ideal pick if you are looking for a card that is elite, professional and classic.


Clean & Minimal Photography Business Card Template

Here is a professional looking business card template that is ideally fit for photography studio or photographer. As you all can see this cool card template features clean and creative design with a simple matching logo which you can use for your company logo. Besides, it is fully editable template for you all to change the appearance, color and text, as per your heart’s desire.


Black Inc free business card

Black Inc by Robby-designs is a minimal, clean, classy business card design with free PSD and Help file.


Creative & Modern Metro Business Card Template

A metro style QR code business card template is not only creative and modern but clean and stylish as well. Its a great card design for those creative minded who love clean and uncluttered design.


Bold Business Card Template with Carbon Fiber Background

On the dark textured fabric background bold colors are used to make it an excellent card design for those who loves colorful, creative and bold design.


Metro Style Business Card Template With QR Code

Its a clean metro style business card template for those who prefer stylish and unique design. It comes with QR Code and the instruction to let users generate their own code.


Corporate Business Card Template With World Map

Its a free corporate business card template that features a modern dotted world map as background. It’s fully customizable hence colors can be changed to suit your need.


Free Geeky Business Card Template for Developers

This free business card template that represents the identity of a web and software developers as well as web and graphic designers.


Free Business Card by Pavlushka

Here is an elegant card design that with its sober color combination promises to appeal you all.


Cool Vertical Retro Business Card Template

With cool looks and smart retro badge and ribbon this card design is for those who love modern retro design. Besides, this is a fully editable design that lets you have full control over the final appearance of this design.


Modern Retro Vertical Business Card Template

Here is one creative retro business card template with a modern touch that makes it appear all the more clean and visually appealing in a simple vertical layout with a retro shield badge.


Classy & Elegant Vintage Business Card Template

This card design is for businesses like photography and jewelry to name the few. Besides, it is fully editable template  give the users the choice to customize the design as per their liking.


Retro Business Card

Giving you the retro appeal this elegant business card design is ideal to make your company presence outshine the competition. Endowed with subtle typography and traced line details this business card template is simply unique.


 Creative Ring Business Cards

Creative Ring Business Card designs are simple, elegant and creative enough to make you drool over. Half part of the card comprises of contact details and the other half has just the company name written on it. Smart design I must say!


Simply Modern Corporate Business Card Template

Simple yet modern business card design is best for those who prefer clean and uncluttered card designs. There are six different color variations all within the same Photoshop PSD file for you all to chose and change.


iPro Consulting Business Cards

Its an elegant business card template designed specifically for consulting business. The design is simple and classic easily customizable. Replace the logo with your own logo and change the colors and use it for your company.


Black & White QR Code Business Card Template

This clean and stylish corporate design can be used as business card or personal card. The template is layered and instruction on generating QR code can be found in the readme file.


Business Card Mockup – Denim Background

Available for free download Photo Real Business Card Mock-up with denim background. These are editable via smart object.


Free Stock Logo and Business Card – Secretfiles Software Logos

Free Logo and Business Card Stock is simple and elegant card designs that are worth checking out. As the name says not only business card but then stock logo PSD is also available for free download.


Business Card Mock up CEM AKKAYA creative design

Its a beautiful card mockup by Cem Akkaya. The card is so visually appealing and unique that none can miss it out!


Antique Store Business Card Template

Here is an elegant antique inspired business card design that is ideally fit for antique or vintage collector, dealer, retail sale and more.


Free Stock Logo and Business Card – AOIFE Fashion Logos

AOIFE Fashion Logo and business card PSD design templates are available for free download.


Real Estate & Property Management Business Card Template

As the name says, this is a card design for real estate and property business. Its a modern and unique design that features subtle colors with city style buildings and skyscrapers.


Creative and Elegant Corporate Business Card Template

Here is an elegant corporate business card template that features a creative and dark corporate business card design that is ideal for those who prefer modern and sophisticated design.


Modern & Stylish Real Estate Business Card Template

Here is a metro style real estate business card template that is modern and stylish with a simple silhouette city skyline as background.


Beauty Centre Business Card Template

Its a creative and modern beauty business card design that is ideal for beauty centre, distributor, retailer and other beauty related business.


 I hope you like our collection of best free black and white psd business card templates for those who love black and while color. If you have any, do share with us.

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  • […] 28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates […]

  • […] of your business. So, it becomes quite necessary to select the best one for your business.  Continue Reading Advertisements Author: Team Member Being a member of team, I really enjoying my […]

  • […] 28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates […]

  • […] I miss out don’t forget to check out the article that fall under the same category. Yes, its a 28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates article we came up with a few days […]

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  • […] 28 Best Free Black and White PSD Business Card Templates – Check out our handpicked collection of best free psd business card templates for those who love black and white. We are sure you fill cool business cards. […]

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