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From Questions to Ask Clients Before Designing Their Logo to 25 Creative Photography Related Logo Designs for your Inspiration, we have been talking in length about logo designing.

We make sure to help all you designers out there by coming up with various tips and tricks besides inspirational stuff. This time we have compiled a list of some best free logo psd templates that various businesses can pick from and ask your designers to apply the same to come up with the logo design for your company.

Also, these promise to be a great source of inspiration for the designers. This article of ours will lead you all to enjoy exquisite logos design art. These free PSD Logo design templates are in AI, EPS and PSD format, and can be downloaded to be used for various commercial purposes. Take a look!


Best Free Vector and PSD Logo Templates

1. Think Green Floral Face Logo Template

As you all can see this is an allover green looking template think green logo design that has a male face formed in floral, swirls and leaf elements inside of a thick outline circle.


2. Raindrop Logo Design Template

Raindrop logo design template suits a wide range of companies that are looking for a creative brand. You can even use this cool raindrop free PSD logo design template just as a starting point.


3. Colorful Curved Inspire Academy Logo

This is a creative looking template educational logo design that comes in three different colors and sizes semitransparent rounded curved shapes in bottom face formed.


4. Aviato logo 

Here is a simple paper plane vector logo templates that has cute script font made by Lost Type.com. It is available as vector formats .ai and .eps.


5. Broken Record Entertainment Logo

This is one creative and credible looking template entertainment logo design with a half part broken vinyl shape and nice typeface.


6. Flat Abstract Logo Design Vector

This is a Flat Abstract Logo Design Vector in ai (adobe illustrator) format(s). You can download and use it free for personal projects.


7. Freebie Logo by Walid Beno

The Movember PSD Freebie is available for free download and is the brainchild of Walid Beno.


8. PSD Logo Design Templates Pack 4

PSD logo set comprising of nine templates are suitable for a wide range of businesses. These free logo designs are suitable for non-profit organizations, animal shops, IT businesses and all kind of automotive businesses. Designed in clean and clear style, this free logo set is a must have for designers.


9. Abstract Logo Design Template

Abstract logo design template is made in three colors viz blue, green and orange. This free logo design could fit to a wide range of businesses.


10. Film Camera Logo

This film camera logo a superb pick for all you designers who are looking for free logo design templates.


11. Free Oxygen Logo 

This is one cool free oxygen logo that we are certain all you web designers would simply love downloading.


12. PSD Logo Design Templates Pack 2

This is a set of handy logo design templates suitable for various purposes in web design studios, communication companies, internet and technology businesses and advertising agencies.


13. Euro 3D symbol

This is a 3D symbol of Euro currency that is available as vector formats .ai and .eps. You can easily download it for free and use it.


14. Pencil Logo

This is a cool pencil logo that has an interesting DNA. It is dedicated to all graphic designers out there.


15. Free Frog Logo

Here is a free frog logo that is a simple and happy free logo design that can be used for commercial purposes too.


16. Free Logo

No words just the image! The mage itself talks about what kind of logo design it is and you can download it for free by clicking the link which will re-direct you to the main page.


17. Inbox Logo

This is an inbox logo that is created from an index card cabinet. This inbox logo is more obvious, and is avaialble for free download.


18. Free vector misc beautiful web20 logo template vector

This is a set of logo designs comprising of envelopes, leaves, rabbits, penguins, whales, cutlery, fork, spoon, symphony, round, flame, cube, graphics and many more.


19. PSD Logo Design Templates Pack 1

These logo templates are available for free download and can be used for communication related projects, mass media designs, business and corporate needs, advertising agencies, website development studios any other companies.

best-free-vector-psd-logo-templates20. A Letter Logo 

A letter logo created in retro style and decorated with different textures and forms. This logo is available for free download and can be used for both personal and commercial purpose, download the vector files.


21. Ganesh Music Logo Template

This visually stunning Ganesh Music Logo Template is suitable for various business, industries, personal websites and blogs. The Ganesh face adds a bit of a Holy approach to the design. There are two versions available for you to resize and customize as per your need.


22. Logo by juciely

This Logo psd by juiecly is available for free download for you all to use it in various projects.


23. Top Houses

Here is a free real estate logo design that you can easily download and use this real estate logo for both personal and commercial purposes without shelling even a single penny.


24. Free-clan-logo

This is a free battlefield clan logo that is easily available by simply downloading it.


25. Gift Logo

This free gift logo looks simple yet cool for you all to use.


26. Rocket Monster Logo

This Rocket Monster Logo Design in photoshop is simply superb for the fact that it is simple yet visually appealing.


27. PSD Logo Design Templates Pack 3

This PSD logo design contains a set of nine creative templates. You can download these vector logos for free.


28. Free PSD Logo Design Templates Pack 5

This free PSD logo design set is suitable for a wide range of businesses.


These free logo psd and vector templates are carefully crafted for your inspiration and can be used for various commercial purposes. If you have any such free psd logo design template worth sharing do let us know.