Ultimate Collection of Creative Infographics For Designers And Developers

Information Graphics well known as infographics are the graphic visuals that are designed to share the information or some kind of data in quite an interesting manner.  The days are gone when we had no other option than to simply read and understand. Today, infographics surround us! Internet, if you start surfing has innumerable infographic designs related to education science, art, web designing and the list goes on. You simply name it and there are countless cool and creative infographics that impart knowledge in such an interesting manner that one can easily understand what is being said.

Designers not just come up with infographics which comprise of simple data or likewise instead these are designed in entirely creative manner for the perfect visual treat besides conveying the message or imparting knowledge the right way.

Its not been that long since the infographics started putting steps forward but the pace with which these have become the part of our world and the wonderful response these have receive is genuinely commendable.  Well, I don’t have any such plans to bore  you all by continuously talking in length about infographics instead here I have some really interesting stuff to share. For all you designers out there, I have jotted wonderfully created infographics for designers and developers that are specifically designed to help you in your ventures and provide you with the knowledge worth sharing.


Believe me, even if you are not much into designing but are the regular visitor of ‘TheDesignBlitz‘ it is truly a visual treat that you are sure to love and will not stop appreciating the hard work put in by the creative minds out there.

Best Infographics for Designers and Developers

1. Top 17 Independent Infographic Designers 2013

Tiffany Farrant,  Trevor Johnston, Lokesh Dhakar are few names that each one of us know about. Wish to know who tops the list of ingenious infographic designers? Well, check out the infographic pinned below.  This infographic includes the list of renowned graphic designers that have made their mark. Take a look!

Infographics for designers-and-developers

2. Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography – infographic

If you are the one who is intereted in knowing about the typography evolution, how and where it has expanded its horizon, top typefaces installed by operating systems and much more, you are sure to love the infographic pinned here.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

3. Business Card Design Psychology

You business card speaks a lot about your company/brand/business so you need to be really particular about its designing. Knowing about what things need to be kept in mind while its designing is called the psychology of business card design.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

 4. Fonts & Colors That Drive the World’s Top Brands

Studying fonts and colors that drive the wolrd’s top brands is surely a great inspiration for any company/brand that is all set to enter the design world. Check out what the colors and fonts used in the brand names of top companies talk about.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

5. Graphic Designer Decision Tree

Here is an infographic that might appear confusing in the first go but interesting when you start understanding as to what it’s all about. So, if you are the one who is planning a career in graphic designing do have a look at the infographic below and try to understand what its all about.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

6. Making good infographics: Understanding planning, teams, data and designers

No matter how simple an infographic appears to be but the fact remains that its designing is one tough job to cope up with. It’s not as easy as it sounds to be. Making a good and effective infographic asks for proper understanding of planning, team dynamics, data and designers. Here is when the infographic (below) that comes into play.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

7. Font Perfect: Guide to Professional Typography Usage

Are you unable to understand the correct usage of font at the correct place? Read out the infographic below to get the complete understanding and knowledge. Interestingly cool the infographic says it all.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

8. How to Woo a Designer

Want to learn how to woo a designer? The ‘How to Woo a Designer’ infographic explains it all making us understand the designers’ world, their likes, dislikes and much more.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

9. Designing with Impact

Here is an infographic that is titled ‘Design with Impact-A guide to webpage anatomy’ that talks in great detail about the  tips on how to design an impactful webpage.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

 10. What is an infographic? 

An article on Infographic designs without its explanation as to what’s an infographic, how it is made and given the final touch is actually incomplete. The infographic below doesn’t include too much of content but tells us what an infographic through the images.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

11. How Logos Evolve

The logo designs of renowned companies you see today is not the result of one day work. There have been immense changes made over the years. This is what you call ‘Evolution of Corporate Logos’. Check out the evolution of famous logo designs in this infographic.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

13. Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2013

This infographic incorporates immense data, cool images, and an in-depth look to make it appear clear, easily understandable and visually appealing. Take a look.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

14. History of NFL Logo Designs with Territory Map

Formed on August 20, 1920, the (NFL) National Football League is an American Football League which consists of 32 teams. Over the years there have been lot many changes brought about in logo designs across the (NFL) community with their territory maps. Check them out in the infographic below.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

15. Infographics: 10 Things You Need To Know

Even if you are into the field of designing for a long period of time you can’t say for sure that you know it all. If you keep that attitude you sure to become over-confident. Remember there is always room for improvement and you learn each day. Jotted below is the infographic that talks in detail about the important things that a  graphic designer must know. Check it out and read till the end, you never know you might have been missing any one of it that might prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

16. The psychology of fonts

Different fonts are used for different ventures. It is very important for the graphic designers to understand the value of the correct use of font for particular design. In other words one needs to clearly become familiar with the psychology of fonts. Check out the infographic below for proper understanding.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

17.  Serif vs. Sans: the final battle

Designers well know the value of right font be chosen for a particular design. Its not always that easy to make the choice and none is unaware of the fact that there is an ongoing battle between the Serif and Sans fonts. The infographic below cleverly shows the difference thereby making it easier for the designers to come out of dilemma.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

18. History of Superman logo infographic v2

All you superman fans out there who are intereted in even the minutest detail like changes brought about in the logo designs over the years, here is an infographic that illustrates how year after year the logo design has changed in the quest to present the best logo.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

19. Top most Infographic Design Companies

There are lot many infographic design companies around the world but very few that have actually made a mark and topped the chart of being the best of the rest. It is not simply one days’ work that made the companies enter the list.  Blend of immense dedication and hard work of the teams of individual companies has brought them the name and fame.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

 20. 7 Ways To Avoid Scary Web Design

It is not always that the ingenious designers around the world come up with the best of the rest stuff. There are innumerable hits and trials that are undertaken before the final design is prepared and presented. If you are the one who is looking for tips that will help you avoid the mistakes that lead to scary web designs that actually keep you wondering then you got to check out the infographic pinned below.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

21. How to make an effective infograph

How is it possible that while the article talks in detail about the infographics that we miss out the infographic which lets us know as to how an effective infograph can be created. Below is an infographic that is full of tips and tricks of creating an effective infograph.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

22. Advanced Marketing Strategies

Effective logo speaks out for itself. It is the response of the clients that tell you how well does your logo works. While designing the logo for your brand or business you need to ask your selves few questions. What are these questions? The answer lies in the infographic jotted below.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

23. Graphic Design Infographics 01 

Here is one funny infographic that shows how a graphic designer looks and what all is loved by person who is into graphic designing. My question for all you graphic designers goes out to you that to what extent this hilarious infographic is true? Is this really the anatomy of a graphic designer?
Infographics for designers-and-developers

24. The State of Graphic Design

Interested in Graphic designing and attaining maximum knowledge about the filed, the key skills, tools and much more? If the answer to this question is yes then scroll down and check out this interesting infographic that talks in length about the state of graphic design.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

 25. INFOGRAPHIC: 2013 The Year of Responsive Design

Check out the visually cool Responsive Design by Uberflip. The infographic talks about  marketing trends of 2013. This one is definitely an interesting stuff that talks smartly on web and mobile designing.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

26. UX Designers vs Web Designers

Here is an infographic for UX Designers and Web Designers.This cool infographic depicts some basic differences between a UX Designer and a Web Designer. Check it out.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

27. What do your brands colors say about your business?

Created by Marketo, this infographic visualizes why color matters in designing.

Infographics for designers-and-developers

Aren’t these the creative infographics for designers and developers with amazing creativity and immense knowledge? I personally believe them to be. What’s your say on this?


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