Useful iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits For App Developers – II

If you are a designer who keeps waiting for Apple to launch new products then certainly the very first thing you do is look for UI kits and icon templates. Right? iOS7 as you all know was released with a new clean design months back and if you remember we came up with an article in which we list best UI kits and iOS7 icon templates for all you designers out there. We all know that it sparked a lot of debate as some were happy with it while others weren’t might be for the reason that it didn’t meet their expectations.

Well, this is not the topic of the day. We have previously come up with Useful iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits For App Developers. We hope it was of some help for you designers out there.  Today, we have come up with a collection of iOS 7 icon templates and UI kits to help you in making your pick as there are good number of options.


Check them out, download them, use them to build your beautiful iOS7 App and share with us in the comments section below:

Useful iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits for App Developers

1. iOS 7 GUI PSD


2. iOS 7 GUI PSD


5. iOS 7 Components


11. iOS 7 photo app icon


12. iOS 7 iPhone AI Download


13. iOS7 Icon Pack


 14. Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol2

16. The iOS Design Cheat Sheet


17. Exploring some iOS 7 tab bar icons

Despite the arguments which iOS 7 design brought up within design communities, it hasn’t in any way stopped the designers to try their hand on designing. and working to help others adapt to the new design. Now, when you have checked the essential kits and iOS7 icon templates in the two articles published here at TheDesignBlitz its time to start molding and twisting them your way. If you are a designer who has designed something for iOS7, kindly share  with us. We would love to check it out!


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  • […] Useful iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits For App Developers – II […]

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