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Apple undeniably is the choice of millions. No matter in whichever part of the world one is, it has been the deep inside desire of countless number of people to own an iDevice. What makes Apple products the best bet? Well, I know I need not talk much on this. We all know how over the years Apple has been magnetizing its consumers with smart designs and oodles of cool features all blended in such a way that none can control falling for them.

Without much adieu let me begin the article that is dedicated to the new iOS that Apple launched recently. Dubbed iOS7 its an OS that’s still in developing stage and many developer out there have already started design iOS7 icon templates and UI Kits. A lot of changes have been brought about and some new features have been added lately.

What all you can expect?

1. A new golden ratio grid has been introduced.

2. Icons on the iPhone home screen will appear bigger in size (from 114px and 57px to 120 px and 60px)

3. New color scheme is included in the PSD

4. The app store and home screen preview generators 5 will come with a new curved outline.

With an all-new design and cool new features to leave you all stunned iOS 7, the world’s most advanced OS is all set to hit the markets soon. The cool thing is that Apple has made few good changes especially in the interface.


Apps today are the most important part of any gadget without them no gadget seems to be complete. One of the major changes is the app icons; the way they appear, their grid size and likewise. So, till the time this cool iOS hits the market many of you out there might be looking for useful resources to help you design interfaces for apps or templates.

We have jotted down these resources all at one place to cut save your valuable time which can be used to come up with the best possible stuff. Below are the best iOS7 icon templates and UI kits for app developers that can be downloaded and used creatively. Check them out and if you are looking more, check our another article showcasing more iOS7 icon templates and UI kits.

1. iOS7 map icon PSD


2. iOS 7 Icon Grid Photoshop Template


3. iOS7 status bar


4. iOS 7 Documents


5. PSD: iOS 7 Icons Template


6. iOS 7 Icons (Updated)


7. PSD: iOS icon template


8. iOS 7 UI Kit PSD


9. iOS7 App Icon Grid


10. Photos iOS7 Fix


11. iOS 7 UI Kit for Sketch App


12. Safari’s icon template


13. iOS7 icon grid (PSD)


14. Flat iOS7 – Control Center


15. iOS7 icon template for Fireworks


16. Teehan+Lax iOS7


17. iOS7 Icon Template


18. iOS7 App Icons template


19. iOS7 & semi-flat iPhone 5 mockup


20. iOS 7 Icon Rounded Corner Radius


21. iOS7 Grid System Icon Template


22. Free iOS7 UI Kit


23. iOS 7 icon template (PSD and Sketch)


24. iOS7 icon guides PSD


All you app developers who are anxiously waiting to make the consumers fall in love with what you present, these  best iOS7 icon templates and UI kits promise to help you come up with the great stuff. Aren’t the above listed templates worth checking out.


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