Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [20th October-26th October]

jQuery plugins as you all know are the useful java script frameworks that help you in handling your projects of designing. Designers all around the world keep looking for useful plugins to make their tasks easier because sometimes they get stuck in between and quick handy plugins do the trick. It is for this reason that developing best jQuery plugins is becoming the thing of the day.

Lot many developers are making keen efforts to come up with best of the rest plugin to help designers in their work. Each week we jot down these useful jQuery plugins at one place to help you all decide which one would be your pick according to the need of the hour and keep you posted with even the preceding articles comprising of best plugins. Take a look!


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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. Scroll effect a la Google

Developed by Eric Wennerberg this is a cool tool for Google+ users. If you have used the Google+ app for Android you probably have noticed the cool scroll effect. With this jQuery Plugin you will be able to recreate it with ease.

2013-10-17 22_08_13-Smooth scrolling effect á la Google Demo - Eric Wennerberg

Download | Demo

2. PaginateMyTable

Developed by Andrey Gubal PaginateMyTable is a jQuery plugin for HTML table pagination.

2013-10-17 21_52_08-PaginateMyTable - paginate Html table easily with jQueryDownload | Demo

3. jQuery List Sorter

Developed by Aman Dogra, jQuery List Sorter as the name says is for sorting lists that behave like tables.  Its similar to the jquery tablesorter plugin.


Download |Demo

4. simulateTouch

SimulateTouch by Martin Krause enhance your automated tests by simulate touches and gestures.


5. jQuery Keymap

Create your own keymap to display the keybinings of your software with jQuery.


Download | Demo 

6. Flat jQuery Piechart

Developed by Eric Wennerberg Flat jQuery Piechart jQuery plugin is for implementing a pure CSS piechart. This plugin is a part of Flatmin Responsive Framework.


 Download | Demo

7. Bootstrap Image Gallery

Developed by Sebastian Tschan Bootstrap Image Gallery is an extension to blueimp Gallery, a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image and video gallery.

2013-10-17 21_56_26-Bootstrap Image Gallery

Download | Demo 

8. jQuery Selectric

Devloped by Leonardo Santos Selectric is a latest jQuery plugin that helps users stylize and manipulate HTML selects.

2013-10-17 21_31_57-jQuery Selectric

Download Demo

9. sevenSeg

Developed by Brandon L White, sevenSeg is a jQueryUI plugin for creating vector-based (SVG) seven-segment displays. Bindings for Knockout included.

2013-10-17 21_39_54-sevenSeg.js

 Download | Demo

10. jQuery Validamesta

Developed by Enrique Urzua Garcia jQuery Validamesta plugin is for validation targered to be used more with tag attributes


11. Ezdz [izy-dizy]

Developed by Jay Salvat jQuery plugin to turn standard input type file into a nice drag and drop zone with validators and previews. This plugin uses HTML5 File, Drag and Drop API so it works properly on modern browsers.

2013-10-17 21_46_26-CodePen - A Pen by jaysalvat

Download | Demo

12. jQuery Expandify plugin

Developed by Matthew Holt, Expandify is a lightweight plugin that can be used to expand and contract textareas according to the height of user’s input up to a maximum number of rows.

 Download Demo

With this we an end of our list of best jQuery plugins of the week. Share with us useful jQuery plugin which you have developed or you know is available and can be of use for designers and developers out there.


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