Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [27th October-2nd November]

Its Saturday and here we are with the list of best useful jQuery plugins that we found worthy to be the part of the list. Their cool features, the ease that these promise in making the task result more effective, the time these cut down and the lessen down the pain of designers and developers make them the best pick.

From sibLoop to video controller, watch, pagination and many more this list is prepared with careful selection of plugins that promise to make the tasks effortless and less time consuming. So, here we begin with the list. Take a look. Also, check out the previous week’s lists of best jQuery plugins.


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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. sibLoop

sibLoop is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to loop through sibling elements. All you have to do is write your own code and handle the next or first logic.


2. EnterIN

Developed by Gianfilippo Balestriero, EnterIN is an inception effect plugin for jQuery.

2013-11-01 12_42_46-EnterIN _ An Inception Effect plugin for jQuery!

Download | Demo

3. jquery-chaos-tabs

Developed by by Matthew Sigley, chaos tab is a simple yet extendable plugin that reformats the existing html avoiding AJAX that enables better SEO and with easy implementation.


4. Django Messages UI

Django Messages UI by Jonny Gerig Meyer is a JS client-side messages plugin that comes with support for Django contrib.messages app.


5. jQuery Thermometer

Developed by Noah Cooper Thermometer is a jQuery plugin that is rolled out with the aim of helping users create thermometers and progress meters.


6. Highlight Search Terms

Developed by Kyo Nagashima, Search Terms is a jQuery plugin that lets you highlight search terms in referrer URL from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and custom site.

2013-11-01 13_07_43-Test page for Highlight Search Terms

Download | Demo

7. Video Controller

Video Controller is a jQuery plugin that offers an interface for controlling some of the popular video players and providers that eliminates the need of dealing with the particularities of each video API.


8. jQuery Pagination

jQuery Pagination by Srihari Goud along with other contributors, Pagination is a jQuery plugin, Pagination manipulation and Bootstrap support.

2013-11-01 13_18_27-w3easystep.info_demos_easyPaginate_Download | Demo

9. jQuery tigefa

Tigefa is a Query plugin for color, effect manipulation and animation support.  It is an automatic page generator that helps you create beautiful pages for all of your projects.


10. jQuery.trocar  

Its a small library that helps you edit the content of any html element using content editable attributes.


11. jQuery EZStorage

Developed by Wayne Weibel, EZStorage is a jQuery plugin that is created for simple interaction with HTML5 Storage, local and session, and/or cookies.


12. Using namespace plugin

Using namespace plugin by Jacob Bair is a jQuery plugin that  simplifies the syntax for javascript of creating and using a namespace with an attached context for defining classes inside.


13. jQuery tryonline

Developed by Grenville Tryon Pera, Tronlie is an autocomplete control with only one line interface. It is an ideal plugin for compact designs.

2013-11-01 13_45_09-jQuery.tryonline plugin

Download  | Demo

14. Tag Handler NG

TagHandler NG by Westin Shafer is a jQuery plugin that is used for managing tag-type metadata. It is a fork and rewrite of Mark Jubenville original Tag-Handler and is worth checking out.

 2013-11-01 13_52_34-ioncache_Tag-Handler

 Download | Demo

15. jQuery Password Strength Meter for Twitter Bootstrap

Password Strenght by Alejandro Blanco and other contributors is a jQuery plugin developed for Twitter Bootstrap to provide rule sets to visually display the quality of a users typed in password.


16. jQuery Fadeloader

Developed by Periplo, Fadeloader is a plugin that lets you easily implement a preloader to your site using a cascade fade-in effect to show specific blocks of content.


17. jQuery Watch

Developed by Darcy Clarke, Watch is a jQuery plugin that lets you watch CSS property or element attribute changes with ease.


This is the end of the list of best jQuery plugins for the last week of September. Do let us know if you have any plugin worth sharing.


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