Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [2nd March-8th March]

The best things about the web development is the best jQuery plugins that the community of efficient programmers keeps delivering. TheDesignBlitz team loves making efforts and discovering new plugins each week and bringing the same under the same roof to help you save upon time and efforts.

jQuery plugins help simplify the work of designers and developers as they only have to customize bits of the same to match their needs that directly helps speedup their work flow.

Besides helping you check the preceding five weeks’ lists of useful jQuery plugins we compile a list of best jQuery plugins for you all to use them in your various projects. Here they are check them out.

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [2nd February-8th February]

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. CW Event Tracking

Developed by Clive Walkden, CW Event Tracking is a jQuery plugin for automatically adding Google Analytics tracking to certain links easily.


2. FILo : Facebook Image Loader

Developed by Erik Wendt, Filo is a lightweight plugin for the JavaScript library jQuery to help users insert pictures from their Facebook page to their own website without writing JavaScript code.


Demo | Download

3. jStepper

jStepper is a jQuery plugin by EmKay that helps in making a numeric textfield value easy to increase or decrease.


4. RadiosToSlider

radiosToSlider by Ruben Torres is a jQuery plugin that helps users create a slider with the help of radio buttons.


5. humbleSlider

Developed by Alexander Junger, humbleSlider is a be-all-end-all responsive, swipe-supporting jQuery plugin that helps create touch supporting image sliders.


 Demo | Download

6. Amazon Side Bar Menu

Developed by JavaScript Kit, Amazon Side Bar menu is similar to the one on It provides a flexible, content-rich fold out menu, supports infinite number of sub menus and much more.


Demo | Download

7. jQuery selectPool

Developed by Mike Campbell, selectPool is a simple plugin that lets users to hook numerous select inputs together in sweet harmony.


8. jQuery CW Charcount Plugin

Developed by Clive Walkden, CW Charcount is a jQuery plugin that displays the remaining character count after a input field.


9. Devrama Image Lazyload

Developed by WON JONG YOO, Devrama Image Lazyload  loads images in document and containers as you scroll down making the page load faster and reduce server traffic.


Demo | Download

10. ballboy.js

Developed by Bryan Potter, ballbaby.js fetches a user’s shots from Dribbble and displays them.


Demo | Download

11. jQuery Tabelizer

Developed by Rafael Huisman, Tabelizer is a jQuery plugin that provides multi level grouping indicators for tables.


Demo | Download 

Stay tuned for the next week’s list of best jQuery plugins. Also, share with us any such plugin that you feel would be of great help to our designer and developer friends.


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