Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [8th September-14th September]

Its Saturday and we are here once again with the list of best jQuery plugins developed with the aim to help designers and developers by making their task easier and less time consuming. Designers and developers need to focus on even the minutest detail while handling any project be it small or a big one. For this reason there are lot many developers that promise to keep helping them by coming up with cool jQuery plugins every now and then.

Well, without much adieu let us begin with this weeks’ listicle of best jQuery plugins.


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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. Fancytree by Martin Wendt

Fancytree is a JavaScript dynamic tree view plugin for jQuery that support persistence, keyboard, checkboxes, drag’n’drop, and lazy loading.


Download | Demo

2. Squiggle – like a strike-through, scribble out your text content with a Squiggle

Squiggle is a jQuery plugin that helps generate a canvas ‘scribble’ over text while preserving its context to let you copy it to clipboard and much more.



3. jQuery Month selector by Mickael Maison

Its a jQueryUI Widget that lets users display and select Month using the mm.itemselector widget.


Download | Demo

4. jQuery Camera

The jQuery Camera Plugin provides a snapshot camera for your application. You can set resolution eg. “HD”, “VGA”, “QVGA”.


5. EasyZoom by Marvin Elia Hoppe

 EasyZoom as the name hints is a jQuery plugin for image zoom support.


  Download | Demo

6. Sticky-kit by Leaf Corcoran

Sticky is a jQuery plugin developed for creating smart sticky elements. Sticky-kit provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls down.
This jQuery is developed to launch native apps from web page links for mobile and desktop devices. Users can easily create links to native apps from mobile browsers. HTML links should have the web url as default but you can add an alternate link using the registered app protocol to invoke apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and likewise.
This is a jQuery plugin for moving up and down between elements. It provides a flexible way to traverse through containers and their child elements with either keyboard commands or custom events.

9. ContentShare by Ram Swaroop

ContentShare is a jQuery plugin that enables you share the exact content on a page which you actually want to share. It lets you share selected text on your social network rather the default text specified in the meta tags. It supports Facebook and Twitter but you can add more networks easily.

10. simpleTooltip – tooltip which made with CSS & jQuery by Sergei Bondarenko

simpleTooltip is a simple tooltip based on CSS. Users can use this plugin for jQuery or without JavaScript. Tooltip was made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
As the name hints, its a simple countdown plugin that accounts for timezone.

12. Ion.Sound by IonDen

Plugin for playing sounds on events. There is a library made for playing small sounds that will help you with this task.

13. IE8 expand select width

Expand automatically width to be able to read long options in IE8  with IE8 expand select width.


Download | Demo

14. Shadow UI by Amsul

Create Shadow DOM based UI components, such as dropdowns, modals, popups, tooltips, blobs.

15. jQuery newWindow by Alex Rabarts

newWindow is a super-simple jQuery plugin for opening new browser windows when an anchor is clicked.

16. jQuery HOYGAN plugin by Daniel Cantarín

jQuery plugin for translating text to HOYGAN.


17. Text Blinker by Shulhi Sapli

Inspired by the text blinker jQuery plugin is developed with the aim to make your text goes blink.  Blinker is a simple animation applied to text on your website. Like the name suggest, it blinks words/letters.


 Download | Demo

With the hope that you all would definitely get useful stuff in this article here we come to an end of this weeks’ listicle of best jQuery plugins.


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