Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [29th September-5th October]

There are thousands of best jQuery plugins available online but the shortage of time in today’s cut throat competition leaves no time to surf the web each time you want one that is apt for that particular situation. It if for this reason we make sure all you designers and developers don’t have to spare extra time looking for the useful jQuery plugins to make your task easier and less time consuming.

Each day we keep a track of the latest jQuery plugins introduced and list them down on weekly basis.  Not only that, we prepare a list of best jQuery plugins in the first week of each month. If you missed out, check out our list of useful jQuery plugins of the month that has passed by- 70 Best jQuery Plugins of September 2013.


Here is this weeks’ list of best jQuery plugins for you all to take a look. Check them out.

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. jQuery fbpagestarter

Developed by Tachun LIN this is a front-end starter kit that makes it easy to create a page tab on Facebook. It comes loaded with features like loading and initialization, Facebook’s JS SDK, Facebook login, dialogs (add page tab, Feed, OAuth, Requests, Send), canvas Methods (setSize, setAutoGrow, scrollTo), 810px Grid system and many more.



2. Custombox

Developed by Julio De La Calle Cutomebox is a jQuery Modal Window Effects with transitions CSS3.


3. jQuery Diamonds

If you are bored of seeing straight grids here is a cool plugin that will cut down your boredom. Diamond jQuery plugin lets you easily do just that. Developed by Moquan Chen this jQuery pluginlets you create the diamond grid.


 Download | Demo

4. jQuery Zentable

Developed by Jose R. Cabanes, Zentable is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library that allows you to show and manipulate tabulated data on a web page but with functionalities typically expected from native application such as scrolling with the mouse wheel, resizing column widths or using keys to move through the data.  So, users can easily show and manipulate tabulated data on a web page, with or without AJAX.

best-jquery-pluginsDownload | Demo 

5. jQuery Fading Slide Toggle

Developed by Don Walter, Fading Slide Toggle is a jQuery plugin to trigger a slideUp or slideDown while fading in or out at the same time.


6. jQuery Mobile Slide Menu

Developed by Don Walter jQuery Mobile Slide Menu is a plugin to create a simple side aligned sliding menu for jQuery Mobile. You can access the menu either by hitting the menu icon or by swiping your finger from left to right, to slide the menu out. Also, you can hide it with the menu icon or by swiping your finger from right to left to slide the menu back in.


7. App Framework UI plugin

App Framework UI plugin enables you to use  jQuery and App Framework UI instead of using appframework.js without worrying about conflicts with jQuery plugins and App Framework.


8.  jQuery CloneYa

Developed by Saurabh Shukla Clone Ya is a jQuery plugin for cloning elements in a nested manner.


9. Captall 

Developed by Erwin Van Wesemael, Captall is a jQuery plugin that lets you add a caption to any DOM element with good options so it can be adjusted to everyone’s needs.


Download | Demo

10. Bootstrap TouchSpin

Developed by István Ujj-Mészáros Bootstrap Touchspin is a mobile and touch friendly input spinner component for Bootstrap 3.

best-jquery-pluginsDownload | Demo

If you are the one who has developed a useful jQuery plugin which you feel might be of help for all in the field of designing and developing, do let us know and we will include in our next “Best jQuery Plugins of the week” article.


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