Best Mac OS X Apps for Web Developers

Once you switch to Mac OS, there is no look back. You fall in love with Mac when you start enjoying development on this platform. A web developer would certainly have some expectations and preferences when compared with a non-web developer. I have not seen a single soul who is using Mac is planning to switch anywhere else.

So I thought to research and collect about all major apps my friends are using including me. Here are the best Mac OS X apps for web developers. Hope you already have many in your basket and if you were planning to switch to Mac, you would definitely need those.


Sublime Text 2

A text editor is the base from where anyone would start any project. Sublime Text 2 is one of the best text editor today. Code/text editor being the crucial tool, it is a must app. It is simple and allows creating as many tab groups as you wish to create. It is so much fun and smart when you can view your CSS and HTML file together. It is very handy when comes to short cuts and I am a real admirer of its speed.


CodeKit is extremely helpful when you are developing front end of your web application. Using codeKit you can easily compile SASS, LESS, Jade, HAML, CoffeeScript and all the other pre-processor you need to. Real time updating is one of its fantastic feature. It also helps in optimizing images and compressing files. I must say, it is an intelligent app that keeps a check on your incorrect JavaScript code.

Transmit 3

Often you would need to transfer files and data. It is then when Transmit 3 comes handy. I consider as the simplest GUI FTP client. It has a superb finder like interface. Column view browsing will make you feel home. Sometimes can be used as dashboard widget that also displays the file transfer details.


When you want collaboration, GitHub is the answer. They say it is for Public open source and Private business code. GitHub is the famous collaboration tool with big endorsements like Yahoo. It allows forking and merging the code. Web development becomes a button touch away with Github. It gives me working on a social networking site and it is surely fun.

Sequel Pro

Data plays a backbone when we are working on a web app. It is very important that we invest our time and money (Pro is free) on a correct app for database management. Sequel Pro is my choice for both local and remote DB (MySQL) administration. I know you might be thinking about “Querious” but let me tell you unlike Querious, it is free. In addition, Sequel pro can also connect to MySQL 3 and MySQL 4, which is missing in Queriuos.

Adobe CS

Father of all design suites, how can I miss it here? It gives you two fabulous and crucial apps – Photoshop and illustrator without which it is nearly impossible to think about designing great web apps. If you are worried about cost then, there is one little brother of Photoshop called Elements that is the inexpensive way to organize and edit a web photo library.


You may or may not find it worth to be included in this list. However, I believe it is very important tool when working on web apps in groups. Its basic package is free and it is a great app for tracking time and money for you. It keeps a track for timesheets for all participating members. With FreshBooks, you can also get reports/invoices via your smartphone.

I know list can be endless but idea of this post was to introduce you to some important members of the tool basket that is important for every Mac OS X web developer. I am sure you will find many more good apps that can help you in web development. However, it all depends upon what kind of requirement you have.

What I mentioned were the common tools without which working for a web app is damn difficult. Idea behind all these apps was ease of work, usability, time efficiency, performance, and developing great web apps. Some of you must already been using most of them and if not I advise you to try it. After all, we developers always try new things and explore the unexplored. This is the way we innovate and progress. Hence, I end up with a belief that this list of best Mac OS X apps for web developers will do wonder for you like it did for my friends and me.


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