Latest 2013 Web Design Trends Every Business Should Follow

Web designing is one field that has lots to explore and experiment . One might get monotonous feeling while doing any job but designing doesn’t let you get bored instead with each passing day it gets exciting enough to make you love this job. Every now and then changes are made in the way of working with the introduction of new tools or for the reason that old trend needs to be shun for designers to enhance their creativity. With the implementation of old ideas, the level of novelty keeps increasing.

What’s cool now may not be one in the coming future similarly, the stuff that clients were demanding in the past might no more liked today. So, designers need to keep themselves updated with what’s new or I should say thing that’s in! Designer who doesn’t follow change with time or work with the same old pace, uses same tools and features is sure to face the failure in terms of getting clients.

Web designing is an ever-changing and ever exciting profession where there is lots and lots to learn. Designers who keep themselves posted with the latest web trends keep coming up with amazing designs to keep their clients amazed. To cut the long story short and say it in simple words; web design is a field that’s constantly dynamic.

This was all about designers but as you all can easily make out this article focuses on the businesses/brands. Be it  a web start up, mobile company or any brand that promises to offer the best services and products need to focus on the design trends that need to be followed to persuade the consumers to avail the services or buy products.

web design trends 2013

The success of any company or brand depends much on design factor. The problem arises when the companies fail to understand as to how the design of websites, mobile apps and likewise can be improved with latest trends. It’s not a rocket science.  It’s just about making the web designs cleaner, more streamlined, less cluttered while updating yourself with latest trends and following the same.

Companies viz web or mobile start ups and others need to make sure that they follow the ever changing trend in the web designing world. If you are into any business, the only mantra to success is keeping yourself posted on the latest changes taking place and implementing the same while getting your business websites, apps designed.

Listed below are the web design trends 2013 for every tech company that the companies should follow to get the best results. Scroll own and read on!

1. Responsive Layouts

This is not the new thing and you all are surely well acquainted with it. Its a trend that’s carried from 2012 and will continue to maintain its place for many more years to come. So, it definitely was worth a mention. With the ever-increasing number of web users around the world, it becomes important for the companies/brands to come up with the responsive layouts making it easier for the users to work on. As many as 84% of the smartphone owners use their device to browse web. This makes it clear as to how important it is to focus on responsive layouts.


2. Minimalism

Minimal is a growing trend. Creating a highly effective landing page that illustrates the minimalist approach is highly appreciated. Trust me, less really is more these days. While designing,just make sure everything stays simple, super-simple. Don’t complicate things making it easy for the consumers to focus just on the fundamental product or service offered. Besides, opt for one-click approach and make it as minimal as you can.


3. Typography

When I use the word Typography, what I mean to say is mixing the right web fonts is the key. Its the latest web trend that is getting a great response now-a-days. Create superb font combinations to make your business website look appealing and easily read.


4. Infinite Scrolling

Initiated by one of the coolest website named Pinterest,the infinite scrolling has been appealing lot many users out there. Its like as you keep scrolling, the page keeps loading. How cool is that! Check out in Pinterest and you will come to know what exactly I am talking about. The ease with which the site keeps loading while the users scroll down eliminating the need to reload is the in thing these days.


5. Bold Colors

If you don’t want your business website to appear invisible, you gotta use the bold colors that give a great feeling to the user/visitor. As a user I simply love the way Apple has docked the colors blending well with each other. The websites that have superb color combos are visually appealing and is sure to magnetize visitors. Using bright colors gives visual indication that something new is coming your way.


6. Single Page

Single page websites that don’t ask the users to wait for next page to load is any day appreciated and accepted easily. But then it if your website has huge amount of content, the single page technique is not at all recommended.


7. Fixed Header

With the proper use of CSS, make sure your business website has fixed header which makes it easier for the users navigate quickly making it easier for them to go to the top without having to scroll to the top. It’s actually time saving and fuss-free.

To conclude, the above listed points are actually the latest web trends of 2013 that companies/businesses/brands need to keep in mind and adapt well to the changes. These days consumers are looking for smart interfaces and visually appealing web designs, else they don’t spend extra minute checking out the rest instead they close it directly. Surely, these latest web design trends will help you increase in number of customers and your sales.


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  • Really nice work, Rajni. I think you’ve captured the zeitgeist of web design circa now really well.

    While I agree with your finding, it makes me said to notice that a lot of web designers are just now discovering the power of typography. Not to sound too old, but when I started in communications design typography was the first thing we studied. In fact, one of the biggest issues I have with eBooks is that they just wipe out the type design that the publisher intended.

    You motivated me to build on what you’ve noticed at my own blog. I’d love your reactions.

  • I would agree with you on responsive design and layout, which I believe is very much necessary at this age, where all companies are moving to cloud and most people use devices other than computers and laptops to work.

    Its better to make sure websites open perfectly on all devices.

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