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The year 2013 is gone by and we are here with new articles new topics to make a fresh beginning. December and January are the months in which one talks about the year gone by and what all is expected in the new year. Witnessing various changes in preceding year, we knew there is lot more in store in the World Wide Web.

We have seen The Worst Trends in Modern Web Design and Web Design Trends Every Business Should Follow in the preceding year. Many web design trends we spotted last year will be the part of 2014 web design trends but lot more can be expected. Designing you all know is field that has lots to explore, old trend needs to be shun and new things should be accepted with arms wide open. With the implementation of old ideas, the level of novelty keeps increasing and moving on with the new trends definitely is a wise idea.

Every new beginning brings new progress and ideas to help improve the overall web design experience. Changes can be the result of learning from previous mistakes, adapting new practices, believing that new techniques and best web design trends will help the best possible way. Here, we will be listing down best web design trends 2014 you should be following this year. Read them out!


Best Web Design Trends you Should Follow in 2014

1. Flat is the in thing!

One of the new trends is the simple, flat and typographical design. Apple you all know is a trendsetter and with the release of iOS7, we well knew flat design is already here and in the year 2014 it is expected to get huge response. So, it is suggestive to put more stress on flat design which is indeed loved by the users.


2. Mobile Friendly Designs

Mobiles I tell you have seen a great jump when it comes to new launches, amazing features and what not. Designers these days are becoming more and more focused and designing the websites keeping this thing in mind. Gone are the days when the websites were made with just desktops and laptops in mind.

With the ever increasing number of different gadgets like tablets, and mobiles designers and developers are taking it a step further by focusing on various aspects. Integrating with social media, email subscriptions, long scrolling websites, speedy loading websites all together contribute in making a website mobile friendly. In the year 2014, mobile friendly website design trend should be followed by designers and developers.


3. No more Sidebar

Many websites are expected to experiment with dropping the sidebar for a more visual impact and other things not buying your attention unnecessarily. As a designer you should follow the trend of eliminating the sidebar for making it more user-friendly.

4. Long Scrolling

There are different types of scrolling like short scrolling, parallax scrolling and long scrolling. In the recent times, long scrolling is fast becoming the choice of viewers as well as designers. It is comfortable for viewers for the fact that it enables easy reading and finding information. Techniques like more white space and responsive web design, long scrolling sites are once again popping up.

5. Simple Content

This goes along with the ‘keep it simple’ rule! Simpler content trend is sure to dominate this year and coming years. Simple content is easier and faster to read for users and is much appreciated.


6. Videos Replacing Text

If you are asked to read something or watching the same thing in the form of videos. Which one would you prefer? Except bookworms, usually people love watching videos rather than reading! Videos have and are increasingly taking over text. Why read about something when you can watch it?

From developers’ and designers’ perspective too its videos that are easy to produce than text and easy to share too. I won’t be wrong in saying that videos are fast replacing text and this seems to continue and increase this year.


7. Large hero areas

If you are getting bewildered with what Large hero areas mean then let me first of help you come out of it. Sliders are slowly losing their place. These days intro area with an image and some text at the top of the website has taken over sliders. And yes, images with blurred background and header in the middle is also becoming the latest trend and we expect to see it increasing in the year 2014.


8. Use of Simple Colors

Use of simple colors that are soothing to eyes is not becoming the latest trend instead can be rightly categorized as ever following trend that every designer must keep in mind. Gaudy and striking colors get a thumbs down anyday.  You should follow the same trend in the new year too!


9. Interesting Typography

One of the main component of web design is typography and when we talk about changes in web design trends we cannot miss out typography. Typography trends you are advised to follow in the year 2014 includes making it exciting and interesting enough to appeal the viewer.

a) Large Type

Increasing the font size and making the text clear, readable and comprehensible should be followed for the fact that the screen resolution is increased. The 12 point font trend is fading away slowly.

b) Handwritten fonts

Handwritten fonts like Sprout Serif, Goot Marker are the ones with irregularly sized letters and weights should be used as these are much appreciated and visually stunning.

c) Mix and Match Typography

It is expected that more and more designers will start with mix and match of fonts that can be good thing to experiment with.

d) Flat Design Typography

We witnessed some new web trends in year 2013 and lot many websites with flat designs were created by the designers and much appreciated by the viewers. So in the year 2014 flat design typography would be much appreciated if you follow while designing. Experimenting with fonts, doing the mix match and using more of handwritten fonts should be the the part of typography trends that should be followed.


To sum up, web is a continuously evolving and what was best web design trends in the preceding years may not be the same in present and in the coming years. Here, I would like to give a special mention to Worst Designed Websites of Year 2013 obviously to tell you all what not to do while designing and to see what all can make your entire effort go down the drain.