Latest Business Card Design Trends of Year 2014

Business cards have been successful in keeping their place till date no matter how technologically advanced we are. Digital advancement has not at dropped down the importance of these small handy cards that look quite small but gives your clients all the relevant details needed. Whichever business you are into, the fact remains that it is the business card that speaks out for your work. Careful selection of business card designs is of utmost importance as it is with this small card that your clients will get an impression of your business.

Business cards you all know comprise of all relevant information about you in a very precise and presentable way. This vital information is about you and your business including your name, contact numbers, email addresses, office address that makes it easier for your customers to contact you with ease. If you want your clients to remember you and your business when they need to outsource then you should lay focus on your business card design.

Sparing extra time in checking out latest business card designs and picking one for your business is definitely worth it. Make sure your business card is visually appealing besides carrying your contact information. All in all, your business card designs should be eye-catching and memorable one incorporating all the basic elements like typography, colors, design and likewise in a very subtle way. To make your pick you obviously need to be updated with the latest business card design trends for which you think you will have to sit down for hours and surf the web by opening various resource sites.


Right? Well, I disagree with you and I say you will get all these latest design trends at one place which will make it easier and less time consuming task to make your pick. Yes, this article is being written and published with this aim in mind. So, what’s the wait for? Let us begin our journey of checking out the all new business card design trends of 2014.

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Latest Business Card Design Trends of Year 2014

1. Business Cards with QR Codes

QR code or Quick Response Code is a barcode that is used for encoding information in two-dimensional space. Initially designed for the automotive industry, it has become popular in packaging and advertising world. QR code if embossed on simple business card can be read using an application on any smartphone.

How cool does that sound in the digital world where we are so involved with our smart phones. So, for a business card with a QR code can be used as an effective marketing tool and a way to give contact details to a potential clients.


2. Business Cards Made Of Unusual Material

In today’s world where people are looking for unique stuff everywhere; design world is no exception.  From metals to woods, eco-friendly stuff to fabrics there are oodles of such products that are being used in the making of business card designs that come out to be really unique.

These things can be correctly named as unusual materials that are being used by creative minds to come up with unique cool designs. In the modern world people across the globe are loving the uniqueness and use of unusual materials that help create something out-of-the-box.


3. Ticket Stub Business Card Designs

Creative professionals like designers, writers, artists and others can definitely  go for the Ticket stub business card designs that carry that uniqueness in such a way that it becomes a memorable one. Over the years, the importance of letterpress has increased and in business card designs it has become the important part.

Letterpress printing if you all know needs to be done on very good quality paper of a high stock which helps creating the embossed effect when printing.  Anybody would make out that this type of business card design would wear a hefty price tag but for a professional-looking unique card that would attract the potential clients is definitely worth shelling out extra penny.


4. 3D Card Designs

Well, 3D is the in thing today. From movies to designing, animation, interior designing, product designing 3D has taken over the simple designs. Similar is the case with business card designs. These are the ideal for those in creative fields who wish to impress their clients with something creative and unique. 3D business cards is different shapes and sizes to expand the horizon of thinking out-of-the-box and come up with creative stuff.


5. Fun Shaped Business Cards

In today’s world where uniqueness is desired in almost all spheres of the world even the business card we are witnessing are in fun-shapes.  A business card design today doesn’t have to be a rectangular, wallet sized card. It can be shaped differently and can be made in varied colors which can be really eye-catching and fun to look at.

This however doesn’t mean you can go for these fun shape business cards without thinking what your business is all about. Keeping your business in mind you can make your choice of modern day business card design.


Not to forget, 3D business cards are also very in these days. In the quest to make your business card design unique and fun to check out make sure you don’t miss out the very purpose for which you are getting the business card designed.  Your contact information should be bold and visible. You can creatively play with the typography but should be clear and readable.

Make you design card interactive, unique, stick to bold typography, keep it simple  and elegant! These are the key features of modern day business card design trends of year 2014 that ensure your business card design to be eye-catching and memorable one which indirectly will lay a good impression on our clients.


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