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Fantastic Collection of 25+ Illustration Wallpapers

Many a times while working on our projects or while we open up our systems and wait for browsers to open we see the blank screen which is definitely not appealing instead appears dull and monotonous. By the time you finally begin or restart your work why

Top 10 Best PHP Frameworks for 2014

PHP, web developers know is a widely used powerful programming language that enables users to develop cool web applications. Easy to learn and use in contrast to other programming languages, PHP has become quite popular over the years. Talking about PHP frameworks, these are useful tools that

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [16th March-22nd March]

jQuery, as you all know has been one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks that focuses on interaction between JavaScript and HTML. Ingenious developers around the world keep experimenting with it for the fact that it providing ease. We have seen tremendous growth in the number and

Best jQuery eBooks for Designers and Developers

jQuery, as you all know is a cross-browser JavaScript library has been helping designers and developers over the years for now. Infact, it has come a long way in simplifying the process of scripting of HTML. The JavaScript library today is one great help for designers and

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [9th March-15th March]

jQuery plugins have seen immense growth in number as with each passing day we see more and more of them joining the queue. To ease the task of designers and developers we select the best ones and make sure to share them with you all. Each week,

Fresh Free Fonts – March 2014 Edition

Staying updated with what’s the new thing, and the latest trend in the field of designing is of prime importance.  There are some resources, tutorials and few such topics that we come up on the monthly basis. We do this intentionally on the scheduled time to let

100+ Best Freebies From Dribbble Community – February 2014

On the web, you never fall short of amazing stuff that can be motivational, knowledgeable, inspiring or useful. Talk about freebies, we all prefer them over the paid services for the very simple reason that these never prick our pockets. However that doesn’t mean there is any

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [2nd March-8th March]

The best things about the web development is the best jQuery plugins that the community of efficient programmers keeps delivering. TheDesignBlitz team loves making efforts and discovering new plugins each week and bringing the same under the same roof to help you save upon time and efforts.

30 Best jQuery Plugins of February 2014

jQuery you all know is a Javascript library that has an immense range of ever increasing plugins that promise to make the task of users easy and less time consuming. A wonderful community of programmers together contribute in making Javascript huge. When we say its a big library

Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [23rd February-1st March]

Ever since the introduction, useful jQuery plugins have been successful in winning the heart’s of millions of designers and developers for the smart functionality and help these offer. Developers around the world are continuously rolling out best jQuery plugins to lend helpful hand to others who direly