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10 CSS Tricks You Might Not Know About

For web developers, CSS is the simplest way to style web pages. It’s incredible simple language that allows us to do a range of things to impact the visual layer of a website. Of course, as with any other skill online today, it’s worth learning as much

How to use Pinterest for your Design Business

Creative people tend to notice beauty around the world and share it with open hearts. Hence, it is obvious that with technology development, we find out and use sophisticated ways for this gesture of sharing. If you are in design business, I believe your nerve for creativity

6 Tips for Opening your Design Agency

Finally, you have decided to have your design Agency. That is great news you have already taken the first step by making up your mind. Now it is the time to put all your energy and resources in one direction i.e. towards learning every bit about opening

How to Tell Design Clients They are Wrong

You have your design agency and in any business, you were told that client is God. It is your responsibility to deliver what they need. Of course, you work on these terms only but sometimes there are situations when the requirements told by client are not the

How Should Freelance Designers Learn New Skills

With the boom that the world of designing is witnessing, lot many creative minds are joining the queue of designers in the quest to make a mark. But then, do all those who become the part of the world of designing have the skills that will help

Questions to Ask Before Taking Redesign Project

In the past decade, online communication broke all boundaries for information flow. Initially internet was used for educational, defence, other govt. related departments but gradually its ease, and approach lures many to use it for business and earn money. In any business, contacts, reachability, and readiness work

7 Print Design Trends you should Follow in Year 2014

Following the trends blindly is definitely not the wise idea, you need to spend good amount of time learning about which trend will work and which doesn’t work in favor. Ever since 2014 has knocked our doors we have been coming up with the roundups of the

10 Tips to Design Killer Infographics

We have talked in detail about 11 Reasons Why your Infographics Suck with the aim to let all you graphic designers know what’s going wrong if your infographics are not turning out to be what they are expected to be. Also, it was a complete guide to mistakes that

13 Tips for Beginner Designers to Start Their Career

Web designing is fast becoming the choice of millions when it comes to choosing a career that will let people earn their living. Certainly, there are many of you reading this article for the very same reason. That’s why you are here! Web designing seems to be

6 Reasons Why Flat Design Will Die Soon

We have been talking a lot about flat design ever since Apple launched its iOS7 in which flat design was of prime focus. It wasn’t the first time when we got acquainted with flat design. It was long back since it came into existence but it got