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A logo mainly represents the brand identity of a business or corporate company. They are widely used on the website, brochures, stationary and promotional materials. It symbolizes the vision, values and nature of a company. A creative and unique logo can create an undying impression in minds of customers by speaking off the company’s values and ideas.

In this article, you will find some creative chat logo designs that are currently trending in the market. These chat logo designs mainly symbolize message or communication. The importance of chat logo designs has eventually grown more with people searching and identifying the apps from their smartphones, tablets and android devices.

Now, have a look at the 40 Impressive Chat Logo Designs for your inspiration.

1. ChatLogo


2. Bee Chat Logo

bee chat logo


3. Bitter Chat

bitter chat4. Bizcom

bizcom5. Cat Chat

cat chat6. Chain Talk

chain talk7. Chat Box

chat box8. Chat Cat

chat cat9. Chat Logo

chat logo10. Chat Mail

chat mail11. Chat More

chat more12. Chat Room

chat room13. Whale Chat

whale chat14. Chatters Shack

chatters shack15. Chat Timez

chat timez16. Chatvil

chatvil17. Chit Chat Break

chit chat break18. Cloud Boy

cloud boy19. Coffee Chat

coffee chat20. Eco Chat

ecochat21. Edu Talk

edu talk22. Fox Talk

foxtalk23. Late Talk

late talk24. Lemon Talk

lemon talk25. Love Chat Round

love chat round26. Love Talk

love talk27. Mail Back

mail back28. Mango Chat

mango chat29. Monkey Chat

monkey chat30. One People One Love

one people one love31. Parrotik

parrotik32. Pico Chat

pico chat33. Rino Chat

rino chat34. Sip Chat

sip chat35. Social Bubble

social bubble36. Social Circle

social circle37. Talk Golf

talk golf38. Talk Road

talk road39. Chat Search

chat search40. Cinema Talk

cinema talk