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Typography plays an important role that can never be overlooked in the graphic design industry. Colourful and effective typography deigns can do wonders in grabbing more eyeballs and attention of the people towards the website.

Significant usage of typography can be observed in advertisements, digital artwork, prints, design layouts and so on. Designers need to use right colours, fonts, size, textures, patterns and spacing to make it visually attractive for delivering the intended message to the visitors.

Take a look at the 25 Fresh Colourful Typography Design Examples that are simply amazing and brilliant to get you inspired.

1. Proefdiervrij


2. For someone special

for someone special

3. Glorivy


4. Blue


5. Type


6. Watermelon


7. Hard Candy

hard candy

8. Grid My Design

grid my design

9. Typography Design

typography design

10. Zamrud Khatulistiwa

zamrud khatulistiwa

11. Red


12. Typography by Nkeo

typography by nkeo

13. I-Pop Poster V1

i pop poster v1

 14. Instant


15. Joy


16. Essence Typography

essence typography

17. Typography


18. Great Work Works

great work works

 19. I Love Art

i love art

 20. Love Typography

love typography

21. Smile


22. Photonica Logo

photonica logo

23. Floral Typography V1

floral typography V1

24. Can you feel it coming

can you feel it coming

25. Street Lights

street lights