Creative Business Card Designs for Inspiration

With booming internet and so many possibilities around, business and start-up are spreading like mushrooms. No matter your business is small or big, one thing you will surely face is competition. You do not get second chances today when it comes to impressing your clients in first meetings. Hence, people try to make their first impression as the best impression as it is the last impression or chance for them to leave an impact and grab business. One entity to grab attention of potential clients is your business card. A business card plays an important role especially in creative business.

This is one-step to cope with the crazy competition in the market and to stand out from everybody else. Everyone is trying hard and finding innovative ways of attracting and retaining the attraction of their customers and hence you will see plethora of business card designs available around. However, innovation has no boundaries and this is what should drive you to go ahead and get inspired by the creative business card designs for inspiration listed here. I have tried my best to gather some of the best business card designs for you. Have a detailed look on all the designs; you will learn one thing or other from each one of them. Each is unique in a way and highlights some of the must do features of great impressive designs. Some are special for shapes and colors. Some are interesting for the material being used. Some proves that strength lies in simplicity. Whatever the design is, it reflects you and your thinking as an owner. So do not take it lightly rather analyse them all carefully to imbibe those special tips they display.

Believe in your potential, you are yet to create your masterpiece. Sometimes, we get confused and nothing strikes to our mind when we talk about creative business card designs. This post is for you when you face any such situation. You will see some of the fantastic creative business card designs for inspiration. If you are ready to ride the motivation train, please go ahead and experience some of the most innovative business card designs. These designs will be a great help to make you think and create your world of creativity.

1. Business Card Folder


2. ConceptSeeker




4. Igloo Letterpress




6. TypeEd


7. Ye Olde Studio Cards


8. Culture Republic


9. Novelty


10. Custom Etched Business Card


11. Stylish Laser Etched Wooden Cards


12. 32 Card


13. Xisco Barselo


14. Dentist Business Cards


14. Fuego Nectar


15. Cool Antique ID Business Cards


16. Square Amps


17. Barn and Forest


18. Mei Yeh Chua


19. Rabbit Hole


20. Lord Fern Brewery


When it comes to number of set rules for creating business cards, there is no rule actually. Custom shapes, innovative cuts, spot UV, finishing etc. plays a crucial role but the pillar on which your card will stand is its design. Design can be graphical, typographical, or simple but some interesting innovation. Remember, your business card design has to be original, legible and can even be simple. The motive behind all this hard work is to design a card that prompts the recipient to contact you. An uncluttered design proves that you care about appearance and this in turn sends quite professional and positive vibe. As you have noticed while going through all the designs, the stress is also given on the contact details.

Of course, your business card is the face and address of your business. It has to be the most clear and visible entity on your card. A great design will fail if people do not get it easily that how to contact the owner. Do not make the mistake of hiding the contact information behind a series of colors. As you also have noticed, size does matter when you design a business card. Make sure, it gets its place easily in a holder or wallet otherwise; it will keep lying in some drawer forever.

You will see many new innovative styles using round corners, even magnets, folded cards, mini cards, dye cut cards etc. Material used can also be different ranging from plastic to recycled papers. Actually, whatever you can think of can make a card for you. I am sure you have noted the peculiar things in above designs displaying great piece of artwork.

All you need to do is to trust yourself and your potential. Take a deep breath and dream of your own innovative and unique design. Keep a check of all the points mentioned in this post while creating your work. You might be designing a business card for your own business, or for your firm, you are working in but these designs will guide you to give you some clarity of trends and ideas. So just, do not wait and watch but act. Start your journey to great designs right now. Have fun!


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