Creative Footer Examples for Inspiration

Generally, when you talk about a website development, the most important areas we talk about are design, landing pages, headers, content and so on but we almost forget or talk too little about footers. Of course, you must be thinking that why I am talking about Creative Footer Examples for Inspiration i.e. a place where some least important (as per the visitor’s point) copyright information, legal disclaimers or some SEO links are printed. Partially you are right and partially you are not. Well, partially correct as this is what at first thought anybody would think. When you think that what you want the visitors to do when they reach the bottom page of your website, you will get the answer that why you are wrong.

See, footer is the last point where they have to make a call for further action. It is the point at which they will sign up for service or want to read another article or you cannot negate the need of contact details there. When you see online, you will not see many designers taking care of proper footers. Reason can be that either they do not bother or they do not get enough time, as it is the last thing in the project development itinerary. However, some designers understand the crucial impact of footers. They develop really motivational and inspirational footers.

It seems easy when we talk about designing footers but it is not. Type, design, content varies from site to sight. As a blog site will ask for comments in footer or a website doing promotions of a product would ask for subscription. One thing that I would like to highlight here is that in publication industry, it is important to follow certain conventions. Footers must be created according to these conventions. For example – generally visitors look at the bottom to get the complete contact information. So it is wise to follow the expected behaviour of visitors. This will make the navigation even easier. When people normally visit webpages, they tend to miss footers mostly so all designers must make sure that footers are attractive enough to be missed. It should be the last but the most effective impression that can take along the potential customer to a tour of the website or serve the purpose of it.

Here are some of those creative footer examples for inspiration. I am sure you will like those and see how magnificently designers have done their job and these designs clearly depict the impact and need of good Footers on any webpage/website. Some have made the footer as a navigation tool. Bottom to top direction is set here. In some, contrast is used to highlight, whereas some have those beautiful illustrations to grab visitor’s attention. Some have made it the decision point or you can call it “what next” area.

This is not the exhaustive list of designs and you may find some examples not suited to your requirements but I am sure at least few would grab your attention and inspire you to create your own unique creative footers that will inspire further. Yes, it is like a chain, you get inspired, and then you inspire. I really hope you will find these footer examples smart, inspiring, and useful.

1. TapBots

2014-04-18 11.44.30 am

2. YuruInspires

2014-04-18 11.46.18 am

3. HitReach

2014-04-18 11.47.49 am

4. SohoFixed

2014-04-18 11.50.19 am

5. Meccanical

2014-04-18 11.52.49 am

6. Duirwaigh

2014-04-18 11.54.07 am

7. UrbanPie

2014-04-18 11.55.44 am

8. MidnightersClub

2014-04-18 11.58.14 am

9. Northern Classics

2014-04-18 11.59.53 am

10. Jarad Johnson

2014-04-18 12.00.50 pm

11. Cantilever Chippy

2014-04-18 12.02.25 pm

12. Ditto

2014-04-18 12.03.30 pm

13. Meomi

2014-04-18 12.04.36 pm

14. BimbiSecuraMente

2014-04-18 12.05.53 pm

15. SeeSparkbox

2014-04-18 12.08.11 pm

16. Nuevo-Aurich

2014-04-18 12.09.34 pm

17. Carsonified

2014-04-18 12.11.17 pm

18. NationalLGBTMuseum

2014-04-18 12.12.32 pm

19. NewBabylon

2014-04-18 12.13.40 pm

20. Duplos

2014-04-18 12.14.49 pm

21. StoryPixel

2014-04-18 12.18.12 pm

22. Kikk

2014-04-18 12.19.12 pm

23. Twither

2014-04-18 12.20.50 pm

24. Groovy Web Design

2014-04-18 12.22.28 pm

25. Me & Oli

2014-04-18 12.23.41 pm

Innovation is the key today and nothing can be better help than some inspiring designs.  Sometimes a straight and simple approach works and sometimes you need t make it look bit more strategic and attractive. Footer has to be useful and memorable and you should invest sufficient time to create a piece of art. You can decorate them with infographics. Making footer as media hub and updating it frequently is a nice idea too. Gone are the days of classic designs when bottoms of the pages were the least important part in web designs.

What was unimportant earlier is important today. However, even today many users think like that but it is the responsibility of designers to change that notion. It is their footer designs, relevant and smartly placed content that will attract and convince users to realize its importance. So, next time when you as a designer plans to create a footer, do not make it boring and uninspiring. Do not consider a footer as the place where anything left can be dumped. Make your footer a “call for action” place. Yes, enough of creative footer suggestive talks, crux is, you have to bring your footers to life! Always remember footers are last elements on a page but not the least.


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