Creative Mobile UI Concepts for Inspiration

There was a time when nobody knew what a “mobile” is? Life was running smooth, is it not? Everything was fine even without this gadgets flashing in our hands. We could do everything we knew and our daily routines were going smoothly. From heavy almost immobile communication devices, technology found its way to Wireless telephony to hand held radio transceivers. Actually, Mobile devices evolved from 1940s to 1980s a lot. It was a long journey after World War II and it was in late 1983 that 1G service was introduced commercially. Rest is history, 2G, 3G and 4G are the further generations, which are popular today, and some are still establishing in many countries. However, the lightweight hand held devices that we call cell phones or mobiles today came little late and now sleek and light is in. When we watch out so much for looks then how can we forget about interfaces that will be used to operate these sleek and smart mobiles?

Today technology is not just about evolution in functionality; rather it goes hand in hand with innovation in creativity; looks and designs. We definitely prefer a perfect design along with features. It is then when the user interface (UI) becomes so crucial. Mobile UI concepts have become important part of mobile design and development. People not only look for functionality but also look for ease of usage and design concept.

If you are a mobile designer/developer or just interested in Mobile UI concepts (enough dose of curiosity) then please read further. This post presents some of the fantastic Mobile UI concept for inspiration. I do have faith in your skills but I also understand inspirations are important for innovations. Hence, I have collected some of the UI/UX designs concepts created by professional designers around the world.

These innovative concepts, some of which are practical and some may sound imaginative, will help in your creativity and will take your work to next level. You may find some un-conventional concepts that are breaking common set rules and are testing the limits of creativity. As we know, creativity has no boundary and so these designs will bring your imagination to the unknown territory. There is no need to tie your imaginative wings, rather it is important to untie those and fly high in that dreamy world.  Have a look at some of the best modern and creative UI Concepts that are crucial to interface designing and are equally crucial for your creative talent.

1. London Gateaway

2014-05-21 09.32.48 am

2. My IT Expert iOS Flat App Design

2014-05-21 09.35.06 am

3. iOS Mail App


4. Squirrel Settings


5. Night Finder App


6. Purity Theme


7. Taasky


8. IndieGogo


9. GIF Animation

2014-05-21 09.51.31 am

10. My Drinks


11. Guide App

2014-05-21 09.54.35 am

12. Fuelta

2014-05-21 09.58.07 am

13. Android 5.0 UI Design Concept

2014-05-21 09.59.37 am

14. Lucid Dreaming App

2014-05-21 10.01.17 am

15. iOS App Liga Moche

2014-05-21 10.02.37 am

16. Flat Mobile UI Kit


17. Calendar App

2014-05-21 10.05.36 am

18. Tripl Agent Mobile Design


19. Fantasy League Apps


20. Adisas App Store

2014-05-21 10.12.41 am

If you have a look at last few years, you would understand that every year mobile apps are built not only to support developers but to designers as well along with the web developers to succeed in the competitive app market. If we talk about trends, today mobile UI is something trendy and hence today’s designers and developers tend to focus on UI. I am a big fan of late Steve Jobs, for me he is the one who introduced beauty to technology.

Think of a rich hard-core businessperson accompanied by a beautiful woman by his side to make their entry even more impressive. Similarly, if highly advanced features are offered with a great UI design, nothing can be better than that offering. In addition, the user interface as above examples must be easy to use and impactful at the same time. I hope, I was able to present some of the best mobile UI concept for your inspiration and you are motivated enough to create your own innovative and impressive work. Of course, apart from inspiration, motivation a good communication with clients to understand their needs is also important but here we have focussed on UI concepts only. Maybe communication aspects will be covered in some other post.

It is up to you whether you take a full use of this list or just ignore this opportunity. I understand there are lot more UI concepts present over internet and it is certainly a good idea to have a look at all or at least most of them. However, I suggest you to take this list as the first step for inspiration. Use my research for your dream projects and use your potential to do the magic. My research, your skills, and innovation can do wonders for you. While searching for more, I am sure you will realize that the Designs and concepts collected here are some of the most brilliant ones. So, what are you waiting for? Today is the day! Begin it with a bang.

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