15 Incredible Educational Institution Website Designs

Educational institution websites must be visually appealing and attractive to help students easily access or view the required information related to their syllabus, admissions or results. Educational institutions must have a strong online base since it is the primary thing that prospective students, alumni, parents of students and visitors might search over the web.

In this post, we have come up with some professional website designs of universities, colleges, schools and academic institutions from different parts of the world. This handpicked collection of website designs look artistic and ingenious to impress learners and convince them to become a part of the prestigious institution. These website designs can really come in handy for those designers who are lying low on the creativity level.

Take a look at these 15 Incredible Educational Institution Website Designs and start creating a user friendly website by using suitable colours, fonts and design elements.

1. National University of Singapore

naional university of singapore

2. Munich International School

munich international school

3. Undergrad Biola USA

undergrad biola USA

4. Ohio State University

ohio state university

5. Coker College

coker college

6. Ash Hill Primary School

ash hill primary school

7. St. Augustine Academy

St. augustine academy

8. University of Notre Dame

university of notre dame

9. Unity City Academy

unity city academy

10. University of South Dakota

university of south dakota

11. Kent College

kent college

12. University of North Dakota

university of north dakota

13. Uxbridge College

uxbridge college

14. University of Nothingham UK Campus

university of nothingham UK campus

15. University of Texas Health- Office of Communications

university of texas health office of communications

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