Essential Elements of Successful Retro Web Design

Retro web designs that take inspiration from the 50s and 60s are fast becoming part of the designing world. I might be sounding ironic but its true that with the progress of web there is increase in number of designers reverting back to old retro styles.  In short, retro designing is making a comeback that too blended well with latest technology.

When an old design is developed and mixed with new technology available today a visually retro design is created which brings back the memories of the past. Web design trends keep changing but one thing is sure, retro designs are simply amazing.

Retro designs include dynamic graphics, space travel, pin up girls, old car designs, graphics related to wars and like wise. Retro designs with their distinctive traits gel with latest technology to become the creative web design to appeal today’s’ customer. We won’t be wrong in saying that Retro is back!

Today, we will discuss about the design elements that together make a retro web design worth checking out. So, check out some of the great retro web design tips that are inspiring enough to create one now.


Essential Elements of Successful Retro Web Design

1. Use of colors

In retro designs colors used for designing were very limited as full color printing was quite and expensive affair. So designers had to limit their color selection and focus on two toned coloring. Apart from this sometimes designers selected a focal color and mixed it with few colors that helped them create a unique theme.

Retro color styles are becoming the latest thing. From oranges to yellowish-browns to off-white and blues, retro color is making a comeback.


2. Typography

One cool aspect of retro designs is the elegance of classic typography with a mix of cursive and sans-serif typefaces, clever layouts and the combination of textures and illustrations that relate to the techniques used throughout the early 20th century.

Typography has always played a very important role in designing a retro site. Repositioning of fonts, duplicating and pixel strokes were the assets that contributed in amazing typography.


3. Emblem and logos

Retro style is a popular choice for web and graphic designs. Emblems and logos as you all know are very important for any brand/business or brand and when these are designed the retro way nothing like that. Use of subtle and contrasting colors help create amazing retro logos and emblems that can be easily created using one of the most renowned tool named Photoshop.

To create retro emblems you need to be particular about color selection too. Chris Spooner shared customizable insignias that are available for free download at Spoon Graphics.




As far as logos are concerned, if you wish to create vintage ones that go with your retro web designs, here we have jotted a few ones and you can check out more at SpoonGraphics.

Honey Script




Deftone Stylus


Grand Hotel


4. Textures

Soothing textures that are appealing do the trick. In retro designs canvas type backgrounds and poster artwork with subtle colors are simply cool. Retro textures are simple and easy to create using Photoshop.


5. Borders

Borders are the vital part of retro designing. For framing a picture, highlighting the content or creating focus areas ask for cool borders. These can be matching with the designs. While going in for retro designing one need not ignore the importance of cool borders as these can make or mar the whole purpose for which efforts have been made.


6. Shapes and illustrations

Retro designs comprise of simple shapes and illustrations. Designers can use circles of different sizes to create visually stunning retro designs. Bright colors were used to draw attention.


To sum up, retro-style is quite stable and marketable trend in web designing world today as these have their own charm and unique color combinations.  Following these above mentioned elements of successful retro web design will definitely prove to be helpful in letting you come up with amazing retro designs. Want to add something to the article? Do let us know.

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