30 Creative Facebook Cover Page Designs

Facebook cover photos appear at the top of the timeline and gives out the first impression the minute visitors view them from their desktop, tablets, smartphones or android devices. The dimensions of cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. They can be classic, stylish, minimalist, elegant or funny based upon the brand.

Facebook cover photos must be creative as well as outstanding to strike the right chord with visitors. They reflect the brand value and hence it should be visually attractive and appealing. In this post, you will find some of the most amazing cover photos of personal users and business brands.

Have a quick snapshot of these 30 Creative Facebook Cover Page Designs and boost your creativity level and start designing your own cover page to keep visitors awestruck with the design.

1. Maarten Walraven

maarten walraven2. Sudipto Mahato

sudipto mahato3. Masliah

masliah4. Oliver Elsner

oliver elsner5. Pinkel Sharma

pinkel sharma6. Saint Clair Family Estate

saint clair family estate7. Mohammad

mohammad8. Enri Pedernera

enri pedernera9. Fabio Maravilla

fabio maravilla10. Giuseppe Draicchio

giuseppe draicchio11. Javier Salmona

javier salmona12. Rafa Ferro

rafa ferro13. Sune Adler Miltersen

sune adler miltersen14. Nathan Linder

nathan linder15. Sprite

sprite16. Thinkology

thinkology17. Julian Targo

julian targo18. Aly Moffatt

aly moffatt19. 513Art

513art20. Amsterdam Printing

amsterdam printing21. Antonio Fadda

antonio fadda22. Dunder

dunder23. Fanta

fanta24. Gabriel Masliah

gabriel masliah25. Arek Wroblewski

arek wroblewski26. Facebook Profile Picture

facebook profile picture27. Graziano Vincini

graziano vincini28. Krister Nielsen

krister nielsen29. DeMilked

demilked30. Starburst


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