20 Free Mobile and Web App Icon Sets

Mobile and web application icons are vital elements in any UI design. These icon sets are currently flourishing in the market with the ever growing interest of the application developers and with the increasing demand of the better and powerful applications.

We have collected some amazingly free mobile and web application icon sets that you can readily implement it in your current or future project work. These icon sets make applications popular and distinctive from one another.

Have a look at these 20 Free Mobile and Web App Icon Sets for your personal and commercial use.

1. Free 16PX Icons

free 16px icons

2. Developers Icons

developers icons

3. Android Icons

android icons

4. Clean Icons

clean icons

5. Basic Set

basic set

6. iPhone Toolbar Icons

iphone toolbar icons

7. Free Mobile Berries

free mobile berries

8. Outline Icons

outline icons

9. Quartz Icon Pack

quartz icon pack

10. Shades of Free Icons

shades of free icons

 11. Free Vector Icons

free vector icons

12. Geomicons


13. Handset Icons

handset icons

14. Mono Icons

mono icons

15. Ginux Icons

ginux icons

16. Token Icon Set

token icon set

17. Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

free iPhone toolbar icons

18. Gesturecons Multi Touch Icons

gesturecons multi touch icons

19. Shopping Icon Set

Shopping Icon Set

20. Nixus Icon Pack

nixus icon pack

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