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With the changing time even the way you work is also changing. Freelancing today is blooming with the very fast pace. You no more have to go to the office to earn your  living obviously with few professions as exception. Now a days, lot many people are opting for freelancing as the professional way of working. If you are not aware  of the word freelancing let me introduce you all to it. Its like you are assigned a particular task to completed in a particular period of time and it’s all up to  you where to carry your laptop and work on it. The only thing that matters is the completion of the project or assignment at the given time.

Sounds interesting, huh? Well, its not as easy as it sounds to be. The blend of determination devotion and discipline is what is required to be a successful  freelancer. Coming to the point for which I have started writing, freelance web designing is taking becoming the choice of many. People are already into it or  lot many are panning to go for it. For those of you who are already into it surely know what I am talking about but for newbies who are bewildered how to kickstart and  if the prime question hovering over your mind that whether or not you need an office for the web designing business, here is some useful information.


I guess the tips and tricks listed below will help you find the answer of your question. However, my line of suggestion for those of you already into freelance web  designing is to go about reading the entire write-up. You never know in the quest to complete the projects and meet the deadlines you might have not been focusing  on any of the listed tip.

1. Furniture

If you were into writing quite possible I might not have asked you to focus on your furniture  Writing is more imaginative but incase of web designing you need not  too have a particular office set up but I would suggest you to look for a desk and comfortable chair. In web designing you let your creative juices flow and in the quest  to come up with the best stuff you tend to spend hours sitting in front of your system and forget your seating posture. There should be no compromise when it comes  to health. You don’t have to shell too many bucks to get a desk and chair or get more furniture. Simple and comfortable furniture is the thing you need to focus  on.

web designer furniture

2. Finding Clients

Now you know you are good a web designer but that’s not enough you need to find the clients to get the projects. In the office your senior  officials or bosses assign you the tasks as they are directly linked with the clients but here you are your own boss so you got to look for the clients  yourself. Here, I would suggest you to read the article titled 6 Ways to Get New Clients for your Web Design Business which we came up with a few days back. Not to forget you should treat every  client as if he/she is the only one. In the journey of finding the clients you definitely will come across lot many that would bug you. How about reading about the tips and smart ways to handle irritating clients? Check out the article – 6 Types of Irritating Clients and How to Handle them.

Business handshake

3. Need to send documents?

You don’t need to have a fax machine these days as Internet enables you to do the needful without having to buy an extra equipment. There are few good softwares that help you  send the fax for free. So, whether you have send the briefs or anything you can fax them for free. Pop fax, TrustFax and FaxFreedom are few good options available for sending and receiving fax online.

sending documents online

4. Hold meetings

It is not at all essential to go in person to attend some meeting that you think won’t be wise to miss out. There are few cool options available that will help you  to be the part of important meetings. Skype, Google + hangouts to name the few are the cool options available.

online meeting

5. Invoices

Invoices are important part of any business so if you are the one who finds it time consuming to prepare the invoices you can check out few cool invoicing  softwares that will help you do the needful Paypal Invoices, Zoho Invoices and many more are available.


6. Sharing ideas

You undoubtedly miss the conversations with colleagues while working as a freelance web designer. Not all conversations during the break hours are for fun sometimes  its good way of sharing ideas and learning. There is an ongoing debate on this topic that you learn more while you go to the office for work but then if you have a  strong social network and good friends in the same profession making optimum use of social networking sites and IMs can help you do the same thing. Nothing like  talking verbally but its not a bad idea as well.


See, there are pros and cons of everything. Whether you go to the office, set up a complete office at your home or simply put down a table, chair and simply start.  It is entirely one’s personal choice and work style differs from person to person. Working from home as a freelance web designer is not a big deal. You simply have  to enjoy your work with great dedication, devotion and discipline blended together. As long as you have a laptop, you can work nearly anywhere; be it an office, on  the deck, coffee shop or anywhere. No one needs to know where you are while you are doing freelance web designing. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your  seating posture especially when you are spending great deal of time.

To sum up, you don’t have to go to the office but somewhat office atmosphere is desirable. It’s all in your hands. Be determined, dedicated, disciplined  work with  proper planning, set your routine time. In short be your own boss (strict one I must say). I might be sounding contradictory but having listed various aspects of  freelance web designing I leave it upto you to decide if you really need an office for freelance web designing.

What’s your say? Do share your viewpoint with us. Also, you can check our article How to Start your Online Web Design Business in which we jotted down few tips on starting your online web design business. It is definitely worth checking out.