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A logo is the graphical representation or the symbol that describes its company’s vision. It also has a logotype (an arranged typeface) that builds a trademark or commercial brand. Logo provides an immediate recognition with the help of its shape, color, font, and image in the market where companies offering similar product and services exist. By this time, you must have realized how important a logo is for any company or entity trying to start or hold its presence in the market. The design of a logo plays a crucial role.

Generally, people give a casual glance to any image associated with a company but if that image is attractive enough to hold the eye of the looker, it is worth considering. People look and leave but designs that grab attention possess the abilities to gain businesses. Those images, which stay there in the views subconscious, are something that is the most important tool of marketing and branding. In market, demand depends quite a lot on branding and Logo is that tool which holds the face of it. Today, several design companies provide services that can design and do all the creative work for your logos. Starting with ideation to final design, everything is managed by them with some cost attached. However, if you do not have budget or believe that you can make your logo then it is not that impossible too.

Learning and getting inspired via internet is common today and here is the proof. Going further in this write up you will see several logo designs, which not only inspire you to create some mind-blowing logos but make you feel like a designer. In addition, when you create your own logo design it not only gives you creative satisfaction but also saves lot of money. Money is business but there are several factors that you need to take care for an impressive and effective logo design.

Here I am providing some of the fresh logo designs for inspiration. Of course, intention is not to copy those but to get inspired to create our own masterpiece. You will see some beautiful and impressive logos with some beautiful arrangement of fonts, colours etc. It is your responsibility to understand the business before you start designing the logo for the company.

The logos collected here are amazingly creative and you will find a series of trends like VariDots, stripes, Flip flops, sequential and more. While looking and analysing those try to imbibe the colour combination. Look at the need of typography adjustments and see how smartly fonts have been selected. Do feel the freshness of these designs but become a critic as well as admirer, when looking at these designs. Get inspired but always innovate and your freshness to your designs.

1. Airclic


2. Lovatrone


3. Midowa


4. Punk Lion


5. Crowd Monkey


6. Troutwater


7. Salandra


8. 21 Expressions


9. M & F


10. ITNG

ITNG111. Squegg


12. BirdSpace


13. Scroodge


14. Happy Idiots 


15. Brat Wursty


Hope you had a deep look at all, but there should be something unique, in your design that belongs to you only. These were just some from my list of best and fresh logo designs for inspiration. Once you will start looking web, you would be amazed by the beauty of innovation people have used elegantly. This is this beauty of innovation, that inspires you and innovation is what, is expected from you. You can identify an organization or other non- commercial entities by a logo. What is holding you back now? Let your creative soul be free and let her fly to design what once you thought, you never could.

These designs are the base of inspiration and for a creative soul like you; it is just the trigger, which will give you some direction to develop something beautiful and inspirational. When you create your own logo, make sure you keep the mission/vision of the company in mind, the culture of the market company plays in, the colour, and shape should go well with the industry to which that company belongs.

Sometimes best designs fail due to incorrect choices of colours or fonts. Hence, like a smart designer it is your call to take care of all stuff from shape, colour, and font to other design critical features. Always remember the logo should highlight the soul of the company. Every company has some purpose, the core business on which it depends the most even in rough times. So that core competence should be established with logo for sure. It is like once a person look at the logo he or she should get an idea of the main business of the company. Remember, anybody but not everybody can design a bang on Logo!