Graffiti, A Stress Buster?

The world you live in now is totally mechanical, where all of us work like machines, of which there are many issues in our life related to stress and tensions. We are so much engrossed in our work and other personal activities that we don’t get any time for following our passion. Very few people pursue their dreams in today’s world. We are all in the rat race, competing with each other for better result or promotion.

In this tight schedule lifestyle of yours, you don’t even bother to think about what do you like to do? Or what makes you happy? The only thing you think about is to earn, for this will secure your future. But, in this competition of securing your future, aren’t you forgetting to live your present. You don’t have a choice to lead a life you like.

Graffiti, A Stress Buster?

Do you? And, this tight schedule of yours brings with it so many tensions, which later on turns into nightmares as complimentary gifts.

You must be aware that for leading such a stressful life, you can many times take the help of counselors and therapist to help you to come out of a certain situation which is inflicting pain in you, and somewhat giving you stress. The therapist you visit will go for many therapeutic sessions, but the best among them is the creative activity, where you are allowed to draw and color as you wish and express your desires and feelings. And, no one is there to act an obstacle in your path. Drawing helps you to bring alive your hidden expectations and desires. The colors or crayons makes you positive and inculcates positive vibes in your life too.

Sometimes, simply seeing a graffiti on the wall makes us happy within a single second. Graffiti is surreal but till date are the best stress busters. Just imagine your childhood days and your favorite cartoon characters. After so many years, a single glance of our favorite cartoon character makes us forget everything and pulls us to our childhood days. Many a time the therapist you visit advice you to draw to keep yourself engaged in such an activity which will help you to stay away from tensions, which will ultimately keep you away from stressful life too.

Engaging in art and creating something is a way of engaging with and being in a relationship with yourself, which will ultimately help you to know and understand yourself better. The process of creating arts opens up many channels for communications, other than only verbal ones, dissolving barriers caused by words, or your own internal censors. This will help you to see yourself and others more clearly and vividly in this process. In doing so, you get much more connected to yourself and others. The creative process helps to create new relationships and even foster the existing ones in a positive and productive environment.

Being creative can really help you to worry less and live more happily. You can’t lead a healthy and happy life if you have a crown of worries and tensions forced on you. A happy and healthy life is possible where there is less worry, and more love and caring.

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