How Should Designers Write Better Project Proposals

Once you have finally decided to start your online freelance web design business, the next step is planning if you really need an office, jotting down the list of how to start your online web design business heading forward to learn the ways to get clients. This is the format which we think should be followed. Correct me if I am wrong! Now, the question arises as to what is the right way to write the better proposal for web projects.

It is an essential part and worth discussing because doing a thing and doing it the right way makes a great difference. Writing a killer proposal can help you achieve the aim of doing it. Obviously each one of us wants to get the desired results for which we have to follow the right path.

Today, we will be talking in length about the tips that will help you get the clients by writing better web proposal. So, without much delay let me directly hit on jotting down the useful tips which we are doing for one main reason that is to help you do the right things the right way which will directly lead to climbing the ladder stepwise and get success in your online web design business. Read on!


How Should Designers Write Better Project Proposals

1. Do the research

This is the first step to write a good proposal infact I won’t be wrong in saying that this is the first and the foremost step of doing anything be it tarting a business, writing, designing or whatever your job is. This can be well called as doing homework before finally beginning to write a proposal.

Sparing extra hours in research work is not a waste of time infact will be definitely paying off. Find the prospect client’s strengths and weaknesses. This ground work will help you in writing a better proposal.


2. Impressive Design Template Proposal

Sometimes we consider this point waste of time but its definitely not. Instead designing or taking your fellow designer’s help to get the impressive design template that matches your branding is certain to help you lay an impression on your clients. Make sure to give it a professional touch and while designing it focus should be on target clients.


3. ‘One for all’ strategy doesn’t works

If you have got your design proposal template for one client doesn’t mean it will work for all. You should never tweak copy of same vaguely to all clients. You should treat each new proposal as a different and make efforts to make a new copy to hit the target audience.

Its like you have prepared a format and sending the same to different clients. Believe me it doesn’t work! Making extra efforts definitely pays off in terms of getting new clients and building strong professional identity.


4. Introduction is vital

Remember the school days when we were asked to lay extra focus on introduction and conclusion part? Well, same should be done wile writing a proposal. Here, I am asking you to make sure that you write the introduction part.

Proposals you all know are basically made for outlining the work involved so, its better to start the proposal with small introduction in which you should talk about your work, skills, expertise and whatever you think is important but don’t include extra stuff. Just a gist will work.


5. Project Overview and Recommendations

Short to the point project overview deserves a special place when it comes to writing a proposal.In it one can actually demonstrate your understanding of the project in short. In project recommendations you can drop in few suggestions that might help in making the project a success. Also, you can list down your innovative creative ideas ad what all you have understood in previous step of briefing.

6. Payment Terms

Obviously while you are making proposal you will be including the charges for your services, once you have jotted down the pice you should write down their payment terms. Doing this well in advance and getting it in written is sure to be for the benefit for both you and the client.

There will be no fuss at later stages when you are done with the project or whatever time you decide for payment. Be sure to make clear of additional costs that might pop up in future but initially is not in your mind.


7. Time for completion of project

You should well note down when you will begin with the project and tentative time you will take to finalize the project and it is not just writing down, be sure to stick to it.


8. Legal Affairs

Before you finally wrap up, make sure to include Copyright and write down your business name in front of it or whatever you feel is vital.


9. Proof Read it!

Obviously, proof reading your stuff works, sometimes you can get to notice the blunder or goof-up which could prove harmful in the long run. So, go for spelling check, grammar check and if entire matter is simple and easy to understand and correct. Make changes if you think something has gone wrong.


To wrap up, all I would like to write is be humble, honest and clear while preparing a proposal. Avoid harsh statements at any cost. Your proposal should help your personality shine not give a bad impression.

PS: Always keep a copy with you for future reference.


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